Today, my agenda is as follows:

1) Do the dishes

2) Feed the lizard

3) Play more Mass Effect 2 (Renegade runthrough)

4) Get some real writing work on my devotional and story-that-may-or-may-not-become-a-novel done (since I’m not sure it will be done today, I’m setting this goal for the end of the week)

5) Watch more episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess, wonder why your twelve year old self never realized how campy it was

But first, time to address the question of dedication/oathing (as an aside, if it seems I’m posting a lot in such a short time, it’s because I’m experiencing blog frenzy and I’m sure I’ll settle into posting once in a blue moon shortly) and why I haven’t done it.

I was actually asked this a few weeks ago, and, to be fair, I think when you’re editing a devotional to a deity, people do tend to assume that you are dedicated to that deity (Freyja, in this case). The fact is that I haven’t formally dedicated myself to any deity, and here are the reasons why:

1) I’m terrible at keeping promises. It’s not something I care to admit, but it’s true, so I generally try to avoid making promises in the first place. If I have this much trouble keeping promises to my mortal friends, I am so NOT going to try with someone with a deity’s level of power.

2) The broom closet. Being in the broom closet is a pain in the ass, seriously, and when you live with parents who aren’t able to fathom how someone could believe in multiple gods, even saying something like “I need to go and meditate for a bit” isn’t going to cut it. As far as the ‘rents are concerned, if it’s not done in a church, it’s not a *real religion*.

3) Just not ready for it. Not too long ago, someone posted on one of the message boards I frequent being all “I’m ready to adopt so-and-so as my patron deity! We have loads in common and I just *know* he’s right for me!” This person had done a dedication ritual for this deity and ended up with a sinus infection the very next day, and then, when they asked said deity for healing from the infection, managed to spill hot wax all over their hands.

This story perfectly illustrates why it generally isn’t a good idea to go dedicating yourself to a deity just like that, and it’s why I’m insisting on waiting. Not only do I not have the time and resources to make offerings (see point 2) I don’t think I’m emotionally prepared for it. I’m still working on forming close relationships with other humans, throw a deity in the mix and things become Complicated. I’d rather wait for years to make sure I was sufficiently prepared, then rush into oathing, royally fucking up, and then having to deal with the fallout.


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