As this Canada Day draws to a close (just came back from an AWESOME fireworks display with my brother’s in-laws and extended family) I thought I’d say a few words about Loki so anyone who wants to stop following my blog can do so.

This blog is Loki-friendly, end of discussion.

I’m not going to wade into the “Why Loki?” debate, because frankly, this issue has been done to death and nothing I will say would add to the debate because it’s all been said before. For more info on Loki from an actual Lokean, I’d recommend the Temple of the Flea blog.

As I’ve said before (and you can no doubt tell from the blog’s title) I’m Vanir-focused, so Loki doesn’t really figure into my life that much, but I will say that the Lokeans I’ve “met” on the ‘net are some of the friendliest, intelligent, non-chaotic people I know. Sure, I’ve encountered some who were all about the randomness and CHAOS, but they almost seem to me like the Lokean version of the fluff bunny (not that randomness and humour doesn’t have its place). By contrast, I’ve met plenty of “mainstream” Heathens who were some of the most stuck up, elitist, and thoroughly unpleasant people I’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of encountering online. It seems very important to these people that no Lokeans ever share space with them, but I don’t think I’d let them into my *country*, let alone my home (excepting, of course, people who already live here).

In all honesty, if “we are our deeds” the Lokeans I’ve met have shown that they are far more deserving of a place at my table than Asshattru who make death threats, or who claim that everything that isn’t strict recon is “Wiccatru”, or in any way replicate the fundamentalist mindset more suited to a fire-and-brimstone preacher than a polytheist.

If you haven’t stopped following me already, please feel free to do so now.

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