“Hi, my name is Gef….and I have Tarotitis.”

“Hi, Gef!”

Tarotitis is a condition which causes someone to obsessively acquire tarot decks. There are people who post on Aeclectic Tarot with over 5000 (!!) decks. I have, last I counted, around 16-25 decks. As far as I know, this condition solely affects tarot users. I’ve never heard of people who use runes collecting rune sets or pendulum fanatics hoarding pendulums. It seems to only really affect tarot users.

Now, you might be wondering “Why do you need so many decks, Gef? Isn’t one enough?”

I don’t have a simple answer to this question, truthfully. Some decks have more appeal to me as “art decks” (Lisa Hunt’s decks are a great example of this sort of deck). Think of it as buying 78 little pieces of art for around $20. I have decks that I exclusively use for reading for myself, and decks that I use to read for other people. Sometimes, I’ll discover a deck is good for a particular purpose (my Tarot of Vampyres likes relationship readings, my Animals Divine is used for RPG character creation). Some people collect because they want to find the “One True Deck” but for me, I think each of my decks has something to offer. (I am waiting for an appealing Norse-themed tarot, though.)

If anyone is interested in this topic, here is tarotpedia’s entry on deck collection: http://www.tarotpedia.com/wiki/Tarot_deck_collecting

Thankfully, I think I’ve reached my limit with tarot books (I have three, not counting the few books on divination in general).

But, just now I bought a set of these….

Tarot bags from Baba Studio

Yep, I’m doomed….


2 thoughts on “Tarotitis

  1. I have three or four sets of runes, though every one but my first set is handmade. I’m not sure if that counts as collecting or not.

    Of course, I used to have almost as many tarot decks as you do, so maybe I’m predisposed. 😉

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