Dualism/Binaries (A Poem)


Are you butch or femme?
Are you black or white?
Are you Domme or sub?
(Which side do you kneel on?)
Are you on God’s side….
…or in the Devil’s corner?
Do you like Pepsi or Coke?
Are you a man or a woman?
(These questions are important!)
Which is superior, sunrise or sunset?
(Everyone needs to fit into a box!)
We need answers!

In answer, I say:

I am neither butch nor femme.
(For some, they fit nicely, others not at all.)
I am white, but skin comes in many shades
(some dark, some light).
As for Dom or sub, that sort of play
does not appeal, and besides
it’s clear you’ve never heard of switches.
I don’t believe in God,
or the Devil
The world was designed by committee.
(It makes more sense that way, trust me.)
I prefer Coke, but won’t pass up a Pepsi
I also drink lots of water.
I am a woman, but to answer your question properly
you will have to tell me what those labels mean.
Some are both, some are neither,
and everything in between.
As for sunrise and sunset,
why not accept that they are both equally beautiful?
But I prefer the night,
when the stars form a carpet of diamonds
and the Moon shines overhead.
Your worldview is too limited,
your boxes too few,
to encompass
all this world,

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