So, this Character just Popped into my Head….

….actually, more like waltzed into my head, like he owns the place, and now he won’t go away! He’s all “Darling, start a new story, I want to live,” in a voice like melted butter and GAH! I HAVE TOO MANY STORIES TO WRITE!

No, sorry, Mr. Fancy Pants, I don’t have time to play with you right now, so you just take your blond curls and your not-humanness and sit in the corner. I’m writing a story about vampires right now.

He pouts. “Columba (Dove), you wound me with your reticence!” and then his eyes light up and he gets this smile that has “thinking evil thoughts” written all over it, and he says. “I could become a woman, if you wish, with red hair, yes, that will please you, will it not?”

So he snaps his fingers and it’s like BAM! One redhead! Looks a lot like Alicia Witt, she has some nude shots that are just….delicious….just Google her, you’ll see what I mean, they’re probably NSFW though.

That’s it, you! Out! Out! I’m busy! *sticks character in the muse waiting room and locks the door*

*sighs* Stupid characters, it doesn’t help that sie (I’m going to use a gender neutral term, because it seems sie’s the type to just change hir sex the way people change clothes) is like some unholy union of Al from The Hollows series and Lestat. *shudders*

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