Tarot Splurge of the Next Few Months

This is what I bought yesterday:


Victorian Romantic Tarot, 2nd ed.

along with a limited edition Ace of Wands bag.

I love this Ace of Wands so much! It’s the little “spark” of inspiration, the way the angel moves (you can see him moving too, can’t you?).

Here’s the first edition’s Ace of Wands, for comparison. Note the contrast between the upwards and downwards movement. I like them both, but there’s something about the new Ace of Wands, the way the flames illuminate the angel’s face, it seems like a very warm card. The old one, by contrast, seems very hurried, it’s like I’m looking at two different aspects of fire, and I think they both work.

Why yes, my wallet is crying right now, thanks for asking!

Seriously though, I’ve wanted this deck for ages, and now I don’t have to sell my soul to get it! I can finally cross it off my tarot wishlist at Aeclectic Tarot, now I only have one deck on that list! (The Goddess Oracle by Marashinsky and Janto.)


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