And the War on Women Continues….

A Facebook friend alerted me to this article on Jezebel.

In summary, some conservatives have their undies in a twist because someone mentioned *gasp!* menstruation in a discussion about birth control.

You may recall a similar kerfluffle over the term “vagina” in June.

Conservatives, why oh why do you hate women so much? Oh wait, I know! It’s because of girl cooties, right? Someone didn’t give you your cootie shot and now you can’t have any contact with women or EW! COOTIES!

Or, wait, don’t tell me, where you stood up for a date in high school? Dumped? No, no, let me guess, you just got served divorce papers? Is that it?

Seriously, what happened?

The funny thing is, I know how you feel. There was a time I couldn’t say the word “penis” without giggling. I overcame my giggle fits by saying the word “happiness” (emphasis on the last two syllables) over and over until I stopped.

Except I was like, ten years old at the time (if that)….

Okay, seriously now (and please pardon this ageist language) but GROW THE HEL UP!

What’s even more disturbing is that words like “vagina” and “menstruation” are MEDICAL terms. It’s not like someone’s going on about their cooch or their love box or even their jade step (if you know where that one’s from, I will give you a cookie) nor are they talking about going on the rag, rebooting the Ovarian Operating System, or worshiping the Blood Goddess (this last one is from Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor’s The Great Cosmic Mother, and actually refers to *cough* something in addition to menstruation). No, no, these conservatives flip their shit over even using the proper MEDICAL terms to refer to perfectly normal parts and processes in a woman’s–not just women, actually, trans* men, intersex people like my one friend who went through female AND male puberty (he says they both suck, FYI), you get the idea–body.

Actually, a better term for the female genitalia is “vulva”, which encompasses organs like the clitoris, oh, sorry, I forgot, women aren’t supposed to experience sexual pleasure, because gods and goddesses forbid that she should have the opportunity to experience something as awesomely transcendent as orgasm. She might start getting ideas in her pretty little head, thinking that she can have this pleasurable thing all the time, and who knows what she’ll want next? Equal pay for equal work? The ability to breastfeed without being harassed? OH GOOD LORD NOT EQUALITY! ANYTHING BUT EQUALITY!

It’s times like these that I take comfort in the fact that as a lesbian, a Pagan, and a feminist, I piss certain conservatives off merely by existing.

One thought on “And the War on Women Continues….

  1. As someone who came from a conservative family and fought my way to becoming more progressive, the war on women and events of this year have depressed the hell out of me. To see our society being dragged backwards is so, so…I can’t even express how bad it makes me feel, I’m too overwhelmed by bad feelings.

    Conservatives like to live in an ideal world where there are no problems or “problematic” people, where everything is bloodless, black and white, and simple, where they can be divorced from the earthy experience of being human. It’s Puritanism mixed with essentialism.

    That’s as best as I can explain it.

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