UPG vs. BS

I was going to post a response of sorts to one of my co-religionist’s post on “Pagans and Purity”  (everyone who reads this blog for Vanir-related stuff should follow Wane Wyrds, seriously, Cena is awesome) but she just posted something interesting on Facebook and I can’t not respond to it.

The link Cena posted was to this post. To be honest, I didn’t find the majority of this post to be problematic–until I saw this at the bottom of the second last paragraph:

“Frey will work with men or women, so long as the latter are masculine, willing to shapeshift to male astrally before he arrives.”

Pardon me, but LOL WUT?

So Freyr only works with “masculine” women? What about “feminine” men? Does his wife know about this? You know, Gerda? The woman he gave up his sword for? Are those the actions of a He-Man Woman Hater? I mean, if he prefers men, that’s cool, there’s no problem with that, but Freyr, dude, the closet is not a good place for you, man!

Okay, seriously now. I know what some of you will say: “But it’s my UPG! WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING IT?!” You have the right to say whatever UPG comes to mind, I have the right to evaluate that UPG and call it bullshit. The fact that “me and my friends have found this to be true” does NOT make it the One Truth, nor is it an excuse to check your critical thinking skills at the door.

I have “feelings” about certain deities, and people have called these “feelings” BS. You know what, if I put something out on the interwebs, some people will read it, and they will comment and say “This is bullshit, Gef. Where did you get this idea?”

It doesn’t matter if they’re a well-known author who says “Skadi doesn’t deal with disabled people” (yes, I have seen those exact words) or someone who says “My UPG says the Aesir are a bunch of bullies” or “Loki gave me an astral pregnancy,” I’m still going to evaluate that UPG and measure it against my own experiences, and sometimes our UPG will match, and other times I (or the other party) will say “The Hel are you smoking?”

And that’s okay.

Addendum: The examples I’ve quoted are all 100% real UPG that people have posted on the interwebs. I’m not going to name names, I have a feeling some of you know exactly who said these things in each case. Please, if you choose to comment (I love comments), don’t name names.

5 thoughts on “UPG vs. BS

  1. I agree about the rest of the post. I don’t want to turn anyone off to this blog because it is pretty good in general. However I read that sentence and was like “did I just travel to a different dimension?” Even a UPG, in my opinion, should have some sort of reasoning behind it, be it spirit taught or common sense. Outside of Freyja, Freyr is the god I work most with. I just don’t want stupid comments like that turning people away from knowing him.

  2. Yeah, I don’t get why people need to fight over UPG. Having published and publicly blogged about a good deal of my own, I know there are people who disagree and think I’m full of crap, but it doesn’t bug me too much. I might blink when someone claims that Loki would never, ever do anything to harm or hurt another person’s feelings, but if the scope of their experience has given them that opinion, I’m not going to say it’s wrong.

    As for blanket statements about the kind of people certain gods supposedly prefer, like the Freyr example, or the Skadi one (heh…I don’t at all agree with the person who said that, funnily enough), I figure the god in question can decide for Him/Her/Itself.

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