Freyja, Scorned

The following post discusses topics that are NSFW and contains material that should not be viewed by people who are sensitive to deity-bashing (unless they would like to read it and RAGE in the comments) or misogynistic slurs.

It has come to my attention that someone of my acquaintance has something against Freyja. To be fair, her (and to a lesser extent, her family’s) relaxed attitude towards sexuality is something that even those who profess to honour her may find….a little off-putting. I know it took me some time to accept this idea of a goddess who was *very* sexually active after being raised on a diet of spotless virgin-motherhood for the better part of seventeen years. This unease manifests in such articles as this laughably stupid one from the Odinic Rite, which I believe I have posted here before.

Anyways, my point is that I find it terribly ironic that this person scorns Freyja for her “loose” sexuality and EW! INCEST! when this person honours Loki, a deity who is best known for HAVING SEX WITH A HORSE!

Seriously, ew! Sure, Freyja slept around, but at least she limited herself to humans and human-shaped beings (note: riding around on Ottar doesn’t count because she’s literally *riding* him, sexual metaphors aside). I mean, really, how sick and disgusting is that?!

/tongue in cheek

Seriously, I understand that Freyja isn’t a goddess for everyone. Hel, I don’t honour Odin in the least, but I don’t run around calling him names or bashing his worshipers unless it’s the Odinic Rite. I especially love how this person says that there’s nothing wrong with “a woman who enjoys sex, with a boyfriend or a husband. But to bounce from man to man or to just have sex with three dwarves (yuck) for a necklace of all things is just gross”.

Oh, I get it, sex is only legit sex if you have a ball and chain present are in a committed relationship with someone, amirite? Next you’re going to tell me that sex is only for procreation: not for bonding with someone or healing or….Lady forbid….pleasure! You might be having the worst sex in the world with your partner, but at least you’re not like those whores who sleep around! Why isn’t Freyja having sex with her hubby like a *proper* lady? You know, call me crazy, but when her own father doesn’t give a shit, why should we? Speaking of Njord, didn’t he have sex with Hymir’s daughters (note the plural), marry his sister at one point, and marry and divorce Skadi? I don’t see anyone here calling him a man whore. In fact, out of the three we know of, Freyr seems like the one who’s been in a committed relationship the longest, you know, Freyr, the god with the erect cock? The same erect cock that shows up in nearly every image of him? As an aside, this person doesn’t seem to be nearly as squeamish re: Freyr’s cock as they are re: Freyja’s cunt.

I don’t make a habit of speaking “for” any deities (and I think people who do claim to speak for deities invariably come across as arrogant) but I can’t help but wonder how they would feel about this person’s comments. I kind of think that Freyja would shrug it off, saying “Well, if that’s how you feel, I’ll just go have amazing sex over here!” but at the same time, I wonder how she would feel about this person spitting on her choices and acting as if her consenting to sex was the worst thing ever because she wasn’t doing it with her husband. I feel that consenting to sex is a powerful act, to say “Yes, I want this,” is powerful (as is “No, I don’t want this,”), and so it saddens me to see someone reduce that “yes” to something that is shameful and disgusting. Also, I wonder how her partners would feel, being called “gross” when obviously, Freyja thought they were worthy of her. Who the Hel are you, to judge who gets an invitation to her bed? In my mind, one of the things that makes her so popular is that she is so open with her sexuality. She doesn’t care about who you are or where you come from, she just loves….a lot.

Moving away from talking solely about Freyja for a moment, I think it’s true that many cultures don’t know what to *do* with goddesses like Freyja. They might try to control her sexuality by marrying her off (like Aphrodite) but she always seems to scoff at this and go on doing her own thing, which, if you’re the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, means having sex with an entire city:

“Young men have tired, Ishtar will not tire

‘Get on with it, fellows, for my lovely vulva!'”

Even earlier than this, in Sumer, we have the goddess Inanna admiring her genitals in what is perhaps the first “vagina monologue”:

Inanna placed the shugurra, the crown of the steppe, on her head. She went to the sheepfold, to the shepherd.

She leaned back against the apple tree.

When she leaned against the apple tree,

her vulva was wondrous to behold.

Rejoicing at her wondrous vulva,

the young woman Inanna applauded herself.

No matter how patriarchal a society is, polytheistic societies still recognized a need for those deities who made love, desire, and sex a priority. You just can’t stop people from loving, desiring, and screwing each other, it will end badly. (Note that this doesn’t mean, of course, that there aren’t times when you shouldn’t act on your desires, there definitely are, that’s another topic for another day).

There’s more I have to say on this topic, but for now I will leave you with this snippet of the poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou, which reminds me of Freyja:


Does my sexiness upset you?

Does it come as a surprise

That I dance like I’ve got diamonds

At the meeting of my thighs?



3 thoughts on “Freyja, Scorned

  1. I love Freyja for being so free, unapologetic and unashamed about Her sexuality.
    And why shouldn’t She be, She’s a goddess of sex, for crying out loud.
    To hold a pagan god/goddess up against Christian morals about sexuality is just ludicrous.
    Freyja Herself may not care about this person dissing Her, but Loki certainly does, and she’s His on/off follower…

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