Freyr, Scorned and Other News From Gef

Remember that person from my post “Freyja, Scorned”? Well, now they’ve decided that they’re taking down their Loki shrine (because Loki hasn’t been paying any attention to them) AND possibly their Freyr shrine “because Freyr’s just as bad as [Freyja]” because they engaged in (gasp!) incest with each other!

Please, for the love of everything, do not tell this person about:

Njord and Hymir’s daughters

Odin’s various conquests (adultery is ebils, you know)

or Frigga sleeping with Odin’s brothers, for that matter.

Actually, don’t tell them about any deities that ever engaged in incest (there are a LOT) to say nothing of adultery and rape. This isn’t just confined to one pantheon, pretty much EVERY pantheon has deities that misbehave in some way. No exceptions.

Did I mention this person is now “All Allfather, all the time”? I know some of you are thinking of Odin’s various hijinks and laughing your asses off.

Oh, and something I don’t understand is why this person constantly comes to me for advice on how to deal with deities. Seriously, I have no fucking clue. They don’t talk to me. Why are you asking me? You can talk to them, ask them yourself. Honestly, it’s like my friends asking me for dating advice when:

a) I have NEVER dated anyone, EVER

b) I have trouble interacting with people even outside of a romantic context

I mean, honestly, if you wanted good advice, why don’t you just ask someone who does talk with deities on a regular basis? Don’t ask me, I’m not a priestess, or a spirit-worker. I don’t have the patience to meditate and I can’t visualize worth shit (I have trouble seeing an apple, I can, however, smell an imaginary apple). I’m not the one who goes prancing all over the Nine Worlds to get advice from Freyja about the state of my love life (or whatevers), so don’t whine at me about how “deity X doesn’t love me”, I don’t know, dude, okay? Sometimes I’m not even sure any deities exist, and TBH, I don’t know which is better: knowing for certain deities exist and having them tell you to do things you don’t want to do, or not knowing if deities exist and having to listen to the god-touched WHINE about how their god-touchiness isn’t working out for them.

In other news, if that last part sounded a little ranty, it’s because I’m exhausted from hosting a baby shower and me and my mom have been cleaning all week in preparation for it (I swear, sometimes I think mom could give Frigga a run for her money). The mom-to-be’s been under a lot of stress lately (let’s just say her mom and aunt were not invited for a good reason) so she needed this chance to de-stress.

Also, since I’ve gotten such good feedback (from all three people who responded here and on Facebook) from the story I posted, I thought I’d let you know that I’m currently writing a companion piece to my Big Fantasy Epic. So far, this story has been shaping up to be much mushier (and more sexually explicit) than the work I’ve done so far. It’s basically the story of a character who plays a minor (yet important) role in the Big Story. I know authors usually write prequels as novels when they’ve finished their first novel, but I need to write this story now. (Besides, I don’t know if the Big Story will ever be published.) Anyways, I’ll post the little story, and then if you like it, let me know, because the Big Story is set in the same universe, so, yeah, there’s more in the works.


2 thoughts on “Freyr, Scorned and Other News From Gef

  1. You know, I don’t speak for the gods and don’t know what They consider grounds for ignoring someone…but if I were a deity and someone went around being all judgmental about my sex life, that would NOT be a point in their favor nor induce me to suddenly shower them with attention 😛

    1. I know, right? That’s exactly what I was thinking!
      Update: So now apparently she’s taken down her Loki shrine because he’s “not trying hard enough to make the relationship work” and has decided to be an Odinist again. I’m betting it will last about….a week, if that.

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