Companion Animal Fantasy Squee!

I just found out that Morgan Keyes (Mindy L. Klasky) is publishing Darkbeast, a novelized version of the short story of the same name published in the anthology Fantastic Companions (2005)

Darkbeast is the ONLY short story I remember from that collection, so I am super excited to read the novel, because I love book-based quizzes, I took the “Find Your Darkbeast” quiz on the official site. My result:



Congratulations! Your darkbeast is a snake! You can read Darkbeast to discover other people with the same animal.

Discover Your Darkbeast

Yep, that looks to be about right. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, it’s set in a world where children are bonded to black animals known as darkbeasts, who take their dark deeds and emotions. (“I take your _____(emotion/deed). Forget it. It is mine.”) When they come of age, they are expected to kill their darkbeasts.

If this doesn’t sound like an extended metaphor for growing up, read that last paragraph again.


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