So I had this idea for a story….

It’s horribly cliche, but I really want to try my hand at Medieval-esque fantasy, specifically, playing with the idea(l) of courtly love. Maybe I’m just in a very romantic mood, but I’m picturing an order of knights that (rather impractically) decorates their armor with flower motifs like a whole army of Ser Lorases GTFO Game of Thrones (though some use trees, because trees are, you know, “manly”….or something) and instead of the Catholic Church, there are temples dedicated to the Lady (the Lady had a proper name once, but it’s been lost), and there’s also a god of fire that’s popular with “those dirty peasants”. His sphere is desire (“the fire in one’s loins”, etc.) and everyone honours him by dancing naked around a bonfire and tossing offerings into it (but please, if you’re going to have sex–which is perfectly acceptable, go do it in the shadows, it’s unseemly to do it close to the fire). Oh, and the nobles like to complain about the “dirty peasant god” when they secretly have shrines to him in their castles because they’re all hypocrites like that. The Lady’s priest/esses get all grumpy when you mention the peasant god, but he’s tolerated because everyone would pretty much flip their shit if they banned his worship, and, well, the god has this terrible habit of inflicting infertility or impotency on people who piss him off.

Oh, yeah, and since this is my story, there are lady knights and gentlemen knights who chase after persons of the same sex, and bards are infamous for screwing everything that moves (so long as they consent, are of age, and not related to them) and there are, you know, bandits and innkeepers, no elves and dwarves though, but maybe a couple dragons. No, no, don’t get me started on dragons….

It sounds like a good idea, but I’d feel more confident if I had my “Middle Ages 101” textbook, which was awesome, but my friend borrowed it and never gave it back for some reason, or else she did and I lost it. At least there’s the Internet Medieval Sourcebook, which is an awesome online resource.

Thoughts? Too cliche? Yeah, it is very cliche. I guess it’ll be my “project for when I want to write floofiness”.


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