Random Stuff About Canada

I’m in a patriotic mood today, and since some Americans have, in recent months, been giving me shit for using certain terms in an online environment fucking American imperialists, I thought I’d use this post to set the record straight on some points of language that have raised some hackles among some of my American friends.

For starters, black is an acceptable way to refer to people you would call “African-Americans”. I have heard the term “black Canadian” but it doesn’t make sense to use the term “African-Canadian” when most of our black friends come from the Caribbean (although would have, I’m assuming, originally come from Africa).

Native peoples are generally referred to as First Nations or aboriginal peoples. The particular term for the aboriginal peoples who live above the treeline in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador are Inuit, NOT “Eskimo”.  Seriously, stop using that term, it’s insulting.

We Canadians like to spell things with an extra ‘u’, like ‘colour’. Also, we actually use the terms ‘chesterfield’, ‘couch’, and ‘sofa’ interchangeably. They’re all words for the same piece of furniture.

This is a poutine:


Why hasn’t this caught on in America? Seriously, it’s just french fries, cheese curds, and gravy! All your favourite fatty foods in one! I know it looks gross, but really, it’s delicious. (If you want the genuine article though, you NEED to head to Quebec, no one else gets it right.)

Look, just watch this video, it’s awesome:


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