Don’t Bother Me Today….

I have looked around in society, indications are the contrary:

God does not block the progress of a demon.

A father hauls a boat up the channel,

While his firstborn sprawls in bed.

The eldest son makes his way like a lion,

The second son is content to drive a donkey.

The heir struts the street like a peddler,

The younger son makes provision for the destitute.

What has it profited me that I knelt before my god?

It is I who must now bow before my inferior!

The riffraff despise me as much as the rich and proud.

–The Sufferer, stanza twenty-three, The Babylonian Theodicy

(From From Distant Days: Myths, Tales, and Poetry from Ancient Mesopotamia, translated by Benjamin R. Foster, 1995)


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