A Note About Adoption

Never EVER insinuate that adoptive parents are not a child’s Real (TM) parents, ever. Especially do not go on to say that same-sex couples shouldn’t be able to adopt because “[the children] are not with [their] biological parents, they aren’t even with a mother and father.”

Apparently, for taking issue with these comments, I am now “hysterical”, a “wacko” and “damaged”. Yes, I do take issue when you pooh-pooh MY PARENTS because they were somehow less “ideal” than the mother who gave birth to me. My two closest friends were both raised by their biological parents, and you know what? Their lives are shit (one due to excessive drinking on one side and mental illness on the other, and the second….I don’t fucking know). Are their lives in any way “ideal” because they live with the people with whom they share DNA?

Children. Need. Loving. Parents. Full Stop. End of Discussion.

For those who are curious, here’s the original post (trigger warning: homophobia, idiocy). The post is in response to my saying that liking gays but being against gay marriage is a bit like a racist liking blacks but not liking interracial marriage:

Not what I’m saying though. I’m not making homophobic remarks. I don’t hate homosexuals. I have no problems with homosexuals. I’m just against homosexual marriage.

Anyway, your problem with contracts is the time it takes to write them? Wow.

As for gay couples having families-it depends on how you define family, doesn’t it? The thing about adoption is that being adopted is NEVER ideal. Being adopted by loving parents is making the best out of a bad situation, but ideally you would live with your biological parents.

So with homosexual adoption you’re not only not living with your biological parents, you’re not even living with a mother and father. That’s the reason I find homosexual adoption problematic.


3 thoughts on “A Note About Adoption

  1. Wow. Just. What a jackass.

    My brother-in-law is a single gay man who adopted two brothers. Their biological father was nowhere to be found and their biological mother was a junkie. But at least she liked cock. I guess that would have been better for them?

    For those who were wondering – both of my nephews have grown into healthy, intelligent, well-adjusted young men.

    So, yeah.

  2. “I’m not against homosexuals; I just feel that they, unlike other law-abiding, taxpaying adults of sound mind and over the age of consent, ought to be prevented from sharing their lives and fortunes with the people they love! But that doesn’t mean I’m a bigot!”

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