On Not Judging

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Internet is home to some weird things. As a Pagan, it doesn’t surprise me that there are Pagans who believe some very weird things. Scratch that, it’s not just Pagans, people believe some very weird things…..

Okay, I’m just going to cut to the chase, you remember the movie Avatar, right? James Cameron’s epic sci fi adventure with blue skinned (surprisingly humanoid) space aliens and a SERIOUS case of Mighty Whitey? Yeah, I loved that movie, in spite of the fact that we’ve seen it all before and HOW THE FUCK DO PEOPLE STILL GET AWAY WITH THESE TRITE MIGHTY WHITEY PLOTLINES? Oh, right, racism….

Anyways, there are actually people out there who believe they are reincarnated Na’vi. Fun fact: You know the Na’vi word for “idiot”? It’s also the Romanian word for “chair”, pronounced exactly the same way). So every time you hear that word, you’ll know that Jake Sully is being called a chair.

I will admit, of all the strange beliefs out there, the concept of otherkin does make sense from a certain perspective. After all, if you believe in reincarnation, and you believe in certain non-human entities, is it really that much of a stretch to think that at some point, in your previous lives, you might have been a dragon or a unicorn, especially if you believe these creatures exist in other planes of existence? I remember hearing about a debate among Buddhists where they were arguing about whether you could be reborn in the past–after all, time is cyclical, or illusory, so who says your rebirths have to follow a linear timeline?

However, I think there comes a point when otherkin go from “strange but not that farfetched” to “loopy”.

I mean, as a Pagan, I consider myself to be pretty accepting of other beliefs, your woo woo is your woo woo, and if you happen to believe that you’re….an elf, from another planet, I *snerk*….I *giggles*….Sorry! Sorry, I’ll just compose myself and, and….


*coughs* As I was saying, whatever makes you happy, I suppose. Who the Hel am I to tell you you aren’t a reincarnation of an all-feminine race from a planet known as Aristastia? I’m just going to go over here in this corner, now.

Okay, seriously now, I’m not in the habit of judging anyone, your beliefs are your beliefs etc. but seriously, WTF?

4 thoughts on “On Not Judging

  1. Just as an FYI, the tothehometree LJ community, the Navi Anti-Defamation League and tireanavi himself were all part of an elaborate and apparently highly successful trolling attempt. I’m still not sure how they were so successful in getting others to take them seriously when tirea frequently made comments like “My partner did put her foot down at the dressing our child in blue clothes and turning down the heating so that their skin has a light blue tinge, however, and on reflection I agree that this was not a good idea.” Link and “By “higher being” I mean that my true form is taller than humans by a considerable amount, actually.” Link that completely gave away the game.

    The Elenari are, on the other hand, actually serious. And while the Aristasians aren’t part of the otherkin community, from everything I’ve seen about them they appear to be as well. If you find these beliefs funny, that’s certainly your right. But as a Vanic pagan, correct me if I’m wrong, but you do honor a set of gods among whom there was one who was given “Alfheim”, or in English “Elfhome” or “Elfland” as a gift upon the cutting of his first tooth? One of the nine worlds, correct? So I’m not really sure why it sounds funny to you that there are otherkin who believe they are elves from another world. I’d think that fits Vanic myth fairly well…

    • Even if it was an elaborate joke, I have no doubt someone, somewhere is taking it seriously, not that it’s really any business of mine.

      As for the Elenari, yes, Alfheim is one of the nine worlds, but there’s an endless debate among scholars as to whether “alfar” refers to separate beings or male ancestors (IMHO, I don’t see why the same word can’t refer to both) reincarnation (from a Heathen perspective, at least) isn’t cross-species though, it’s through family lines. Maybe it’s possible that all these people had an alf in their line (which I would still see as, well, a big stretch) but I don’t see any of these Elenari claiming to be from Vanaheim or Alfheim (though some are interested in elven lore) I see a whole lot of discussion about other worlds, just look at their FAQ regarding their homeworlds: http://www.elenari.net/Elenari/Elenarifaq4.html#Worlds

      The only name I recognize as being even remotely relevant to this discussion is Elphame, which is apparently ruled by a dragon.

      • Well, obviously someone somewhere is taking them seriously – you did, thinking they were genuine otherkin. Our community is well aware that they are not.

        My point with regard to the Elenari was simply that it seems odd to snicker at a group for believing in elves from other worlds when your own beliefs include elves from other worlds. You can argue about which worlds exist and which do not and what they’re properly called, you can argue about the mechanics of reincarnation, you can even argue about what is meant by an elf but when it gets right down to it’s still elves from another world in both belief systems.

  2. I think it’s understandable that someone who isn’t elven and who believes that we only reincarnate through family lines wouldn’t immediately accept the idea of elven otherkin, or the Elenari specifically in this case. It is very rare for Man to want very much to do with the elven, or to believe in them. That is unfortunate, but not odd.

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