Logging Out….

After that post I made in which I posted about my blow up surrounding adoption, I decided it was best to leave the Catholic forum where I’ve been posting. I’m sorry, everyone, I won’t be giving you any more amusing anecdotes re: crazy things Catholics say about Pagans, but TBH, I’ve grown too accustomed to spaces where the majority of posters are Pagan, and while this was the last straw, really, I was kind of bored, and the boredom happened to outweigh the amusement.

I wouldn’t say it’s all been bad, though, but there’s only so many times you can read the same spin about “natural law” bunk and the endless refrain of “but the church isn’t homophobic, we just don’t want non-heterosexuals to marry, and we want to keep every non-heterosexual in every religion (even the LGBT friendly ones) from marrying”.

I never got a chance to say this on that forum, but now I’m going to say it: Who the fuck are they kidding? I’ve never heard such homophobic bullshit in my life! Here’s another thing I never got to say: bigots NEVER want to admit that they’re bigots (except if you’re my biomom, who is PROUD to call herself a racist, WTF how can I be related to her???). Do you know why? Because they know that the INSTANT they’re labelled as bigots, their credibility goes down the toilet.

It goes down the toilet and then it’s used to fertilize Yggdrasil.

So they do everything they can to avoid being labelled with the “b” word. They’ll insist that they aren’t the b word. “But homosexual couples can’t reproduce together? What’s that? There are infertile heterosexual couples? Well, if they’re already married then they don’t need an annulment, because they’re still ‘unitive’ (which basically means that the parts still fit, from what I understand), so if tab A fits into slot B, you’re good to go, but don’t you even THINK about inserting it into slot C! I don’t care if there are nerve endings in slot C that feel oh-so-good. Sex is for babies, dammit! And if you can’t have babies, well, the parts still fit….”

Okay, enough of this. Who wants to see a picture of my dog?

My dog, Cupid

Cupid is part poodle, part golden retriever, and part lab. She just came home from the groomer’s when this picture was taken, so that’s why her hair looks short. She likes being petted and brushed and being petted and playing in the snow and being petted and oh, just keep your hands on her and she’ll be happy.

And because I’m in a good mood, here is a picture of a snow leopard cub:

Two snow leopard kittens, in fact

Snow leopards make me ridiculously happy for some reason. My friend can have her lions. Screw lions, they’re lazy.


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