Freyja, Sacred Prostitution, and Other Salacious Subjects

If the title of this post wasn’t an indication, it contains a discussion of topics which are definitely NSFW and possibly triggery (especially if you are sensitive to material that disparages sex workers).

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Okay, so you-know-who is at it again. You know who I’m talking about, but since I’m tired of typing out you-know-who, let’s call her Trixie.

Trixie has a cooler hat than you.

Today, Trixie is convinced that taking a “Heathen Patron Test” on some random website is an excellent way to figure out which deity is her patron. I think you all know the kind of test I’m talking about, the kind with questions like “Is fertility important to you?”, “Do you like cats?”, and “Do you enjoy studying?” you know, the kinds of answers that would apply to half the human race.

Dear Trixie,

A random quiz on the internet does not replace the actual WORK one has to put in to find a patron. You may have the most Heimdall-like personality in the world, and that doesn’t mean he’s going to choose to take an active role in your life. (P.S. It’s the deity’s choice, not yours.)


If that wasn’t bad enough, Trixie has gone back to saying some really nasty things about Freyja. I’m not too concerned about comparing Freyja to a prostitute (after all, I honour Freyja as Sacred Whore) but you couldn’t leave it at that, could you, Trixie? You had to say:

“….in real life I wouldn’t hang out with a prostitute, then the question becomes, would I worship one? I think the term “sacred prostitute” is like saying ‘Dark light’, two opposite terms.”


Now, to be fair, I actually don’t think that “sacred prostitution” was really as widespread in the ancient world as some would have us believe. Check out Johanna Stuckey’s piece entitled “Sacred Prostitutes” for another perspective on the “sacred marriage” in ancient Mesopotamia. In particular, see this quote:

“Tragically,” says one contemporary scholar, “scholarship suffered from scholars being unable to imagine any cultic role for women in antiquity that did not involve sexual intercourse” (Gruber 1986:138). However, recent scholars are fast setting the record straight. Even if ancient priestesses were involved in ritual sex, even if they received offerings for their temples, they were not prostitutes but devotees worshipping their deity.

Now, what I really don’t like about this quote is the implication that “lowly whores” couldn’t possibly also be worshiping a deity (in fact, tavern keepers in Babylon (taverns also doubled as brothels) would pray to Ishtar for an increase in customers), but the rest of it doesn’t really surprise me.

Ah, but we’re talking about Freyja, right? And, as far as I know, they didn’t have what we would think of as sacred prostitution in the North (in fact, it seems to be quite the opposite, if the Viking Answer Lady’s paragraph on male prostitutes is to be believed). Although, if I recall correctly, there are a few recorded incidents involving horses, but whether those were actual practices or just attempts by Christians to be all like “OMG THOSE DIRTY HEATHENS HAVE SEX WITH ANIMALS!” (which seems very likely) is anyone’s guess.

Anyways, getting back to Trixie’s comment, it just reads as the same old misogynistic sex-negative talk I’ve come to expect from her. No wonder she has issues with Freyja. Who better to be a patron of sex workers than someone who bartered her body for a material object? (Or, if you prefer, trading sexual favours for power.)

3 thoughts on “Freyja, Sacred Prostitution, and Other Salacious Subjects

      • oh, I remember you mentioning her on TC. It’s just sad to see that despite that arrogant and disrespectful attitude you described, this person seems to take for grated that deities *owe* her anything. I guess she’s lucky they are superior to this stuff, but if she had any genuine contact with Freyr, I find odd He would allow her to keep on this attitude. I can’t imagine worshipping Apollon while having the gall -and the stupidity- to insult Artemis while knowing His focus is on me. I would live in terror of the bitchmother of all smackdowns.

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