Weird Dream

I have to get this all down before I forget it.

I had a dream that my mother wanted to have me initiated in this Western Mystery Tradition (I didn’t catch the name of the order). I was given a veil to wear (I noticed it blocked out my ears) and a passage to memorize which was an invocation/oath to Hekate (Hekate? Really?).

I can only assume that the dream skipped to either that night or the next night. I was feeling all “Wheeeeeeee…..” because I’m pretty sure I had been fasting. Once inside, they stripped me naked and blindfolded me, and then I was herded out into what I assume was the ritual area.

At this point, the “camera” in the dream zooms out so I can see myself. I’m asked to kneel and recite the passage I was supposed to memorize, and then the officiant/magus/whoever asks:

“Are there other gods to whom you wish to swear the oath?”

and I’m all like “WTF?” in my head, but then I say “Yes, I do,” and I repeat the words, this time to the Vanir (ALL the Vanir, to be specific), and then I feel this gentle breeze and smell the seashore, and I’m like “Oh, it’s Njord! Yay!” I assume (in the dream) that he probably came to represent his people.

Anyways, so I think a few more words are said (the “camera” went back to my perspective as I swore my oath things, but now it’s zoomed out again) and they’re attaching a bunch of ribbons to my body, and then they want me to spin, and as I’m spinning around, they carefully pull the ribbons fast and start tying me up with them. I think the magus is all like “This binds you to your oath,” or something.

The camera goes back to my perspective, and he’s all like: “Pay me [to untie me],” and I’m all “Pay you?” and he’s like: “Give me a lock of your hair….” except we don’t say those things just like that. So I let him snip some hair, and then the camera zooms out and I see they’re tying it up in pink ribbons.

Next thing I know (in the dream), I’m kneeling with my head resting against a couch cushion, feeling completely drained, and this guy comes in and is all “I have your words [ie. I’m the person who initiated you, I assume.]” and then he’s like “Do you need anything? Are you okay?”

“My tongue feels like sandpaper,” I say.

“Well, that probably means you need water. Come on, let’s go outside,” he lets me sling my arm around his shoulders as he supports me, and then he’s just like “Oh, BTW, have you picked a new name for use in the order?”

and I say (and I swear this is true): “Nyx Sothis

I can only assume I go outside and FINALLY get something to eat, but at that point the dream ends.

Some things I noticed about the dream:

  • The restriction of the five senses: sight (the blindfold), hearing (the veil, which I notice covers my ears more than my eyes), touch (the tying with ribbons) and taste (the “tongue feels like sandpaper” comment) EXCEPT smell, which is (physically, for me) very acute (as it is in the dream).
  • It’s rare for me that my dreams are ever in sequence, perspective switches are normal, but often it feels like I’m getting several “scenes” in one REM session.
  • A deity has NEVER, EVER shown up in a ritual context when I’ve been talking about other deities. When I have had “god dreams” they just show up in a normal context (like the mall). When I do a ritual in a dream, it’s more like I’m talking to myself (as in real life).
  • The magus (priest/whoever) had dark hair. In my dreams, dark-haired people are friendly, blond/es are EVIL, everyone else seems to be a toss-up.
  • I noticed the mysterious order seems to draw more inspiration from Greece, the little I know of ceremonial magic(k) (not that much) is that they tend to focus on Egypt. Why Greece? My only guess is I find the Greek pantheon more familiar, and whenever Kemetic deities (or, actually, their followers) show up in dreams, they do NOT like me, at all. I’m kind of wondering if maybe the Norse pantheon just wouldn’t “fit” in this kind of context, so perhaps my subconscious swapped in something that would? Or maybe it’s purely symbolic. WTF is with that name I picked? Nyx Sothis? It kind of does make sense, but….seriously, me?

Anyways, I have no idea what this dream could mean (if anything). I’ve always wanted to have an initiation of some sort, but you don’t just get an initiation because you would like the chance to experience the numinous, that’s a stupid reason, IMHO.


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