It’s the Time of Year for Racist Hallowe’en Costumes

[Trigger warning for racism, obviously.]

Since a commenter in the previous post mentioned the sexy honey badger costume, and I just *had* to go looking for it, I promptly got an eyeful of “sexy” costumes that are so fucking racist I don’t see how anyone can find them sexy. Actually, I find sexy costumes as a whole to be offensive (unless you’re just really into role-playing), so I’d thought I’d just devote an entire post to sexy costume snark.

Hit the jump and we’ll get started….

I don’t want your eyes to start bleeding from all the offensive imagery, so I’ll just drop some links here:

First, we have the “Reservation royalty” costume.

As if the name weren’t bad enough, the set looks like a cover from a bad romance novel. Seriously, you could slap the image on a book with blank pages and I’m betting it would still sell like hotcakes! Ooh, maybe a “Write your own romance novel” thing, we send you a book with a cover, and you can write your own drivel Great American Romance based on the cover!

Except they already make something like that, they’re called “journals”….

Chief Wansum Tail Hey, waitaminute! I thought this was supposed to be a sexy costume! Where’s his bare chest?! If the ladies have to freeze to death in their sexy costumes, I don’t see why the guys should have to cover up.

And “Wansum Tail”? Really?

And it only gets worse from there….

Indian Warrior

“Pow Wow Princess”

Asian Persuasion – because they can’t just be racist to native peoples

Tribal Goddess

and just to make this discussion relevant to this blog

Sexy Viking

Sexy Wolf

Surprisingly, I actually found a couple that were kind of cool:

Mad Hatter – What do you mean ‘socks not included’? The socks are the best part!

Sexy Peacock Would be cool except DAMMIT PUT SOME PANTS ON!

Burlesque dancer I feel like I’m a bad person for liking this. The skirt looks so floofy.

Okay, seriously now, WTF? I mean, how can you look at most of those and say “Nope, not offensive” unless you’re so blinded by your privilege that I’m surprised you can see beyond your own nose. I should mention that all the animal costumes are pretty much the same with those stupid legging/boot things. Scratch that, pretty much all the sexy costumes follow the same “sexy” pattern.  How are these costumes appealing to anyone except your stereotypical frat boy who can’t seem to get over his teenage obsession with breasts? This is why sites like Take Back Hallowe’en are so great and needed, because there’s so much more to Hallowe’en costumes than freezing to death in your “sexy” outfit.

Freezing to death is not sexy, no it is not.


5 thoughts on “It’s the Time of Year for Racist Hallowe’en Costumes

  1. The Native American and Asian Persuasion costumes piss me right the hell off. (Note: not Native American, but with a strong line of Japanese blood here.) Maybe if they weren’t so sexualized I’d feel differently, but just. . . bleh. Especially since, with the Asian costumes, it kind of perpetuates this stereotype that we Azns just love dem sexins. *sigh*

    The sexy wolf costume is actually kind of neat with its soft fuzziness. BUT DAT HAT. D: And do sexy wolves really wear corsets?

    • It seems like most of the sexy costumes have corsets. Personally, they make me cringe. I know modern corsets don’t do this, but back in the day a corset would wreak havoc on your internal organs, and I just can’t wear one. They look kind of cool though, but reminding me of crushed organs is so not sexy.

  2. *sigh* I love how so many people assume that Asians and Native Americans 1) don’t enjoy or want to dress up for Halloween and will thus never see these things, and 2) exist in some fantasy realm along with werewolves, vampires, and characters from Dr. Who. As a mixed-race person, I gotta say that I don’t think about my ethnic heritage as being all that noteworthy or “abnormal” until shit like those costumes forces me to.

    It makes me want to market a line of “Ugly American” costumes where you’d get ill-fitting Bermuda shorts, white athletic shoes, a fanny pack, a visor, and a T-shirt of a local tourist attraction 😛

  3. I love the Mad Hatter costume. Of course, I don’t have that sort of body to pull off such a costume, but I digress. I definitely agree that it is the socks (which should be included!) and perhaps that jaunty leetle hat that make this costume. (Is it weird that I like the jaunty little hat?)

    • Yeah, I went as a ninja one year and my not-so-slender figure combined with the snowsuit I was wearing underneath made me look like a puffy marshmallow pretending to be a ninja.

      Oh, I see! They have all the parts available separately, so you CAN buy the stockings! This is me not reading the full listing. The bad news is that the full outfit will probably break your bank account.

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