I want to tell someone about my NaNoWriMo project SO BADLY but I JUST CAN’T UNTIL NOVEMBER! I’ll say this: It’s not one of the projects I’ve talked about writing which I haven’t started, the setting is a bit more “conventional” for fantasy (by which I mean Medievalesque), the plot involves at least one war and possibly the search for an Artifact of Dubious Reputation, and religiosity (or lack thereof) is a very important element of the world, and now I’m shutting up.

So, um *looks around desperately for a distraction* Hallowe’en! What is everyone doing? I probably won’t be giving out candy because our front steps are ruined (unless someone in this house wants to stand outside, possibly in the rain) so it looks like it will be another year of staying inside and playing scary video games, maybe doing a reading or two with my Bohemian Gothic Tarot (2nd edition), and possibly eating candy, none of which I mind at all.

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