NaNoWriMo–I Am Doing It!

As of right now, I have almost a thousand words of my novel written (of about 1,667 a day) which is pretty good, and I haven’t even introduced my main protagonist yet. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I kind of want to get all the cosmological stuff out of the way before I get to the actual narrative. It’s kind of interesting how I somehow managed to describe a society in flux (between, at times, diametrically opposed ideas) by just….writing.

Okay, since it is the start of NaNoWriMo, I suppose I can break my self-imposed gag order and talk about it a bit. Basically, this is a society of four competing ideals (in two pairs) Love and War, and Nature and Knowledge, each represented by a deity, oh, and Death, She stands apart from the others. Basically, everything’s cool between the deities, and then they decide to make each other friendship bracelets make humans, who are given gifts by all the deities (Courage, Desire, Intelligence, Industriousness, and Mortality), and then everything goes to shit, and the deities start fighting, and then the Goddess of Death (she’s above all the petty squabbling) is all like “WILL YOU ALL LOOK AT YOURSELVES! YOUR PEOPLE ARE GOING NUTS!” and they all decide to make up and exchange gifts. So they’re all cool now, and then humans start WHINING all the time, and so they’re all like. “Okay, we need to step back a bit, these humans don’t need their training wheels anymore,” so they all pack up and leave, but before they leave, they make all kinds of spirit beings, endowed with a fraction of their power, and then they’re all like “k, watch this world for us, we’re going away,” and they do.

Did I mention this all happens in the first thousand words?

Anyways, so the deities aren’t really a factor by the time the protagonist comes onto the scene, although, society does try to strike a balance between Love, War, Knowledge, and Nature, and always with respect for Death, with varying degrees of success. People say they might come back if everyone does good deeds and stuff, but they aren’t holding their breath. Meanwhile, the spirits are extremely important. Many choose to bond with humans (according to some criteria that isn’t apparent to anyone but the spirit) and they go on adventures….and stuff. Oh, and some of the “minor” deities might not have left when the major ones did. (The Goddess of Death didn’t leave, because someone has to take care of the dead.) I’m working on it.

So there you have it, what I’m working on. Hopefully, you will get a chance to buy it around December, and wouldn’t that be amazing?


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