Um, Thanks?

So today during dinner, the subject of writing comes up, and my mom says to me “If you’re an interesting writer, you can make money off your writing, if you’re not, then you can’t. You’re not an interesting writer. Now, your sister-in-law [who has a blog about being a new mother, her family, life, etc.] she could write a novel. She’s an interesting writer.”

Vote of confidence FAIL!



6 thoughts on “Um, Thanks?

  1. How. . . supportive.

    You have my vote of confidence, if that means anything. You write quite well on your blog, so it’s not out of the question that you’d write well in other venues.

    1. Yeah, that’s basically my mom, bothering me to find a job with a paycheck one moment and then shooting me down when I decide I want to try and make a little money off my writing while I look for a job with a paycheck.

  2. Guess that means that if you’re writing about anything other than motherhood, you Mom won’t be interested in reading it. As a matter of interest, when was the last time your Mom was in a bookstore? Y’know, one of those buildings with a lot more than books about motherhood.

    1. My mother only goes to the bookstore when I drag her there, 🙂 If I’m with my dad, he likes to browse the books, mom likes to look at the non-book items they stock.

      TBH, if it hasn’t one a big award like the Giller Prize or whatever, she’s not interested. She’s one of those who doesn’t *get* genres like fantasy, and I highly doubt she’d want to read anything with the slightest mention of a LGBT+ character.

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