Just So We’re Clear….

I’m not psychic. I was not Cleopatra in a past life. My tarot cards are made of ink and paper, not woo. I’m not a shaman or a spirit-worker, and I probably can’t help you when you come to me whining about how your favourite deity has abandoned you (though I can give you advice based on common sense). I’m not the Source of All Knowledge because I went to library school, and don’t expect me to have an opinion on your religion because I have a degree in religious studies, no, seriously. I think that science is great, and I think that New Age gurus who talk about quantum physics who are not in possession of a degree in quantum physics should STFU when discussing string theory. No, you don’t get it. Please stop talking. I believe in looking for mundane explanations for things before assuming that it’s a deity sending you a “sign” (the birds you’re seeing might just be migrating). I don’t think “eclectic” is a dirty word. I believe in research, but not dogmatism. I don’t think you need a PhD. to practice a religion, nor do you need to learn three different languages or have eleven different translations of the same texts (books cost money). I think that even bad books have something to teach us, even if all they teach us is how not to write bad books. I don’t think deities are easily offended by popular culture, and they aren’t always SERIOUS BUSINESS all the time. ‘Lokean’ is not code for ‘person who commits random acts of silliness because GOD OF CHAOS EVERYONE!’ just as Vanatru is not code for ‘hippie who is just saying that to get laid’, nor is a tendency for ‘bluntness’ an excuse for being an asshole (some Heathens should definitely take note). I proudly say that my faith is earth-based (and ignore anyone who says differently), and I believe that most people who complain about “New Age ideas corrupting Heathenry” don’t have the slightest clue as to what real New Agers believe. I don’t believe we can blame Christianity (or monotheism) for everything that’s wrong with the world. Our ancestors were not perfect paragons of human decency, stop pretending like they were, romanticizing the past is NOT HELPING!

Thank you.


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