It’s Cheesy and Over-dramatic, but….

…here’s the synopsis I wrote for my NaNoWriMo novel:

Once, it is said, the Powers–the four deities who rule over Love and War, Knowledge and Nature–walked the land.
But now, they are gone, entrusting the guardianship of the world to the spirits that live in the world. These spirits of flame and sea, of tree and metal, of wind and storm, form bonds with humans, strengthening humanity’s tie to the land.
In this world, bereft of the powers that created it, a girl bonds with a spirit of the elder. All is not right with the world, however, and it will be up to these two companions to survive an invisible war of conflicting ideologies in which politics, religion, love and jealousy are major players.

I need more ham with my CHEESE!


One thought on “It’s Cheesy and Over-dramatic, but….

  1. I don’t think that your synopsis is overwrought in the least. It’s a succinct blurb to go on the back of a book to attract reader attention. As such, it does a good job of it. It tells a potential publisher what the book is about & how to market it (providing this is the path you’re looking at).

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