I’m Not a Science Fiction Fan, But….

I had this idea for a story about humans discovering an alien race that has developed/evolved sentient spaceships that bond with their captains, probably not the most original idea, but let’s go with that. Anyways, so humans are like “Give us this cool thing,” and the aliens are all “Sure, we’re into sharing and stuff,”. So everyone gets super advanced technology and everyone’s happy, and no one ever uses it for evil, oh no, not at all.

So, the military, being the military and wanting to hoard all the cool toys for themselves, is all like “k, only the best pilots get to fly these things,” but then one of the newborn ships accidentally bonds with a scientist’s newborn daughter. (I have no idea what she was doing around sentient spaceships with a baby, just roll with it.)

So anyways, the scientist basically has no choice but to put her daughter through military school, but our main character is all “nuts to this” and decides to run away and get a liberal arts degree, because she’s a rebel like that. Then her spaceship suddenly crashes into her dorm room the one day (spaceships get really depressed without their captains, they have special spaceship anti-depressants for captain-withdrawal), and her mom is all “Honey, you get in this ship right now and help save the galaxy!” and she’s all “But I have an exam tomorrow!” and her mom is like “I’ve already assigned you a crew taken from a random cross-section of humanity (and it is really random, not just a bunch of white people and a token black person), plus a few aliens, now, move it, or there won’t be a university to attend!”

Then the main character basically resigns herself to getting her degree through correspondence courses, and going on adventures…IN SPACE!

I’d like to write this story, but I’m not really an SF person, physics and astronomy just aren’t my thing. (In fact, I was one mark away from failing physics altogether). I’m sure someone would read it. Wait, didn’t someone already do something like this before?

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