Stay Classy, Asatru Lore

[Trigger warning: ableism, death threats]

This is from the Grumpy Lokean Elder tumblr:

And thus, in a nutshell, why I don’t recommend Raven Radio despite the fact that the AsatruLore staffers tone down their rhetoric on their radio show:

According to their account holder on Facebook, anyone who incorporates a particular deity that they don’t like into their personal theology and practice is, automatically, a “tard” and not to be given an opportunity to speak.

There’s more gross behavior and commentary to be found. Go take a gander at the AsatruLore forum if you have the stomach for it – searching Loki as a keyword brings up some classy things. Bonus points for every time you spot references to executing people they find undesireable by bogging (tying someone up and tossing them into a bog to sink and drown), sealbagging (putting a sealskin bag over someone’s head and walking them off a cliff), etc. There’s also a super classy thread in there somewhere about bringing back old iron shaming masks that forcibly silence the person strapped into them while dehumanizing them (with the mask’s shape of a shunned animal) – and that such masks should be used on Lokeans.
(link to original post)

On a more personal note, I joined up there and was actually threatened within a few posts of posting an intro.

And before someone comes in here and tries to defend them, here’s a tip: Don’t even try. There is NO EXCUSE for advocating violent behaviour against anyone, NONE! You can go on and on about what a great resource you are, and how you do a lot for Heathenry, and what are YOU doing for Heathenry….

…..and you’ll still be an asshole.

You will be an exceptionally knowledgeable asshole, but an asshole, all the same.

And guess what, asshole. You can cry all you want about judging people by their deeds. Well, I’m judging YOU by your deeds, and you are fucking FAILING the decent human being test!

Thank you, now if you’ll excuse me, I have a novel to finish.

42 thoughts on “Stay Classy, Asatru Lore

  1. Funny this came up. I just recommend on a site that those new to Heathenry not be sent there. They are harsh and close minded at best.

    • I saw, the sad part is that there probably is some great stuff on that forum, but, Freyr’s balls, it’s like wading through a sewer to find the diamond hidden among all the shit. Some people might want to look for the diamond, myself, I prefer to not be covered in shit, thank you.

  2. I have to admit I’m surprised to hear this, since AL had been a sister forum to The Cauldron, which is a fantastic forum – and Bob is still tC’s server and an infrequent, but intelligent, poster. (Looking at both sites now, I can’t find any reference to each other. I wonder if the “sister forum” status is still a thing.)

    I’ve only visited AL once or twice, since Asatru isn’t my thing, so I don’t know from personal experience but I guess I always assumed they were of comparable quality. Very sad to hear otherwise.

      • The Cauldron is still a fantastic place to be (mostly, IMO, because the Heathens tend to stay in their own corner.) The Asatru and Heathenry section can get a little AL like, but the mods are explicit about saying that it’s not meant to be like AL. I still generally avoid it, though. I do have a group (I post there as ‘Lokabrenna’. not to be confused with the OTHER Lokabrenna) there for Norse Pagans, Vanatru, Rokkatru, basically anyone who isn’t welcome in places like AL, but it’s not very active.

        I’d personally compare the two this way. TC’s Asatru and Heathenry SIG is a lot like my backyard, sometimes there’s a bit of crap in it (because I have a dog) but then it gets cleaned up and it’s a cool place to be, whereas AL is still the sewer, with a diamond in it.

        No, really, my backyard’s great, it has a tree.

  3. I have commented in the past, though rarely in public, that of that discussion I would be more likely to invite the Lokean over for dinner, because I would trust the Lokean more to keep my hall-peace.

    I actually think that may be a little tiny bit fucked up. But it’s still true.

      • Then stop inviting us here. Go play in your sandbox and quit trying to poop in ours. Go and be a fruitloop and we’ll ignore you.

        • what i personally find endlessly amusing and rather ridiculous is that you DID ignore her post for FOUR MONTHS and NOW you are throwing a hissy fit over it

        • Um, what?

          1. I seem to have missed the memo where posting about someone (especially when they say shit-tastic things) is an invitation for them to come into my space and start flinging shit around. I didn’t “invite” you to come post here, you came on your own. Deal with it.
          2. I’m not a member of AL, nor do I want to be, I’m not anywhere NEAR your sandbox
          3. You’re crying over a post that is FOUR MONTHS OLD! Do you have nothing better to do? I’ve moved on, you can too.
          4. I reserve the right to be, as you say, a “fruitloop” on MY blog, if you don’t like it, you can GTFO

  4. Loki the “god” of the activist…good riddance. Loki is not “classy” and his followers so far as Ive seen just take him out of context and make him a figurehead for their Regressive activism impulses and obnoxious know-it-all urges.

    • Do you know every Lokean in the world? Because the ones I’ve met are the most welcoming, generous, knowledgeable people I know. I wish I could say the same for more “mainstream” Heathens, but the fact is, I’ve met more Heathens who seem more interested in mentally masturbating to the lore than getting out and doing something. Not that I’m against masturbating (mental or otherwise) but sooner or later, ya’ gotta’ do other things.

      And you’re right, Loki is definitely an activist god. He’s a god of uncomfortable truths, a god who holds up a shiny mirror and tells you to LOOK AT YOURSELF, DAMMIT! You’re right, sometimes he isn’t “classy” and fuck that. He’s a god of the weird, he’s a god of the neglected, the queer, the kid who was bullied in school, the one no one thinks will amount to anything. He’s the god you turn to when the other gods fail to answer your prayers. He doesn’t always play fair. He’s a god of change, and sometimes change hurts, and sometimes you don’t want things to change, but it happens. Deal with it.

      He’s also a friend, and I’m not just going to sit here and let anyone slander him or his. If my deities don’t like it, they can take it up with me. So far, they don’t seem to care.

  5. gee Lee how good of you. You don’t know me at all yet you would judge me – simply because I’m Lokean as being impusive, regressive, obnoxious and a know it all. That is really incredibly foolish and rude in general to make those kinds of judgements AT ALL, never mind because of someones faith.

    • Leikin: “You don’t know me at all yet you would judge me – simply because I’m Lokean ” Yep. I’m with Lee on this one 100%.

      • Then you would be dead wrong. I am NOT impulsive, regressive or a know it all by any means. Though I WILL cop to Obnoxious.

        I have walked at Odins side for 25 years, And I walk with both Hela (after He bade me Serve Her Hall) and Her Father. How DARE you call me out for what you do not know and what you perceive to be fact. Hope you never see me face to face Hundur you will regret judging me because you will be made the fool

        • “I have walked at Odins side for 25 years” – Really? You may want to have your meds checked because I bet can cure your hallucinations.
          ” How DARE you call me out for what you do not know and what you perceive to be fact.” – Trust me… I know. I’ve seen your type all too often over the years. Plus – gotta wonder about the company you keep. *rolling eyes*

  6. OMIGOD! Look, it’s a bunch of anonymous Internet badasses! Run, gefnsdottir, they’re going to come get you as soon as they can spell “Wikipedia” so they’ll know what a seal is and where they can buy one that comes in a matching bag!

  7. I know this crap is aggravating you but I have to say I wonder if the hard core reconstructions realize how “Christian” they sound when talking to those theyfeel are not worthy of the faith. They use lore like the Bible and smack those beneath them with it. Then they treat Loki like Satan. There are not so nice stories about several gods, Odin included. Hence why the are so patient with us. I feel bad they they can call foul on someone who is experiencing the gods in a such a personal way and mock someone saying they walk with Odin. I am not even sure why they are bothering with them at all if they are nothing more than stories in a book to them.

    • I wouldn’t say I’m aggravated, that would imply that I give a shit. No, I’m highly amused that they honestly have nothing better to do than rage about one post I made in which I call a spade a spade, and instead of letting it go and laughing it off (as they should) they choose to make such lovely comments.

      I choose to ignore them. They aren’t my gods. They’re irrelevant. I don’t know what else to say except to ignore them.

      • I also have to say that the most evil thing I’m doing today is cleaning my house, and writing, and EATING SUSHI!

        Surely this is all part of an evil Vanatru conspiracy to spread love and tolerance all over the world.

        Also (and this isn’t directed at you, Ula), apparently there is some confusion: Vanatru =/= Lokean, otherwise I would have called this blog something like “Adventures in Lokaheim” or “Adventures in the Cave with a Snake, Dripping Venom” or “Adventures with Loki” or somesuch, and my recommended reading list probably wouldn’t include a Vanatru-specific section and not a peep about Loki (except as part of larger works). Assuming that I’m lying about my faith because of what I call myself elsewhere is craptastic research. Do your fucking homework, that is all.

        Although, the Lokeans I hang out with online are AWESOME people, so I guess I should take that as a compliment.

        • Wait so its totally cool for you to bash is publicly and make ridiculous claims (if you take Internet comments as “violence” you are entirely too oversensitive and reading way too much into things) but if we say something back WE are being ridiculous? It’s some how our fault this wasn’t brought to out attention sooner? Oh well you’re just calling a spade a spade. Huh. We feel the same way about what we say about Lokeans. But somehow you’re vindicated and we’re assholes? Nice circular logic there sweetheart.

        • I bet their ancestors are so proud of them! Thor and Odin too! Who wouldn’t be honored by a bunch of anonymous complaints made by people whose frilly knickers are in a twist over comments made months ago by a lone Internet blogger? I bet said knickers would be soiled if, you know, something real and significant ever were to happen requiring their attention.

          • I know right? My mom always says “Save your tears for when somebody dies.” Well, I’m saving my knicker-soiling for when I’m highly aroused or scared out of my wits. Seriously, I’m just one person, who knew I had such power to piss people off? If they’re this pissed at a mere mortal, no wonder they don’t want Loki messing with them! I’m so teeny-tiny compared to a deity, I’m microscopic compared to what a deity can do.

            • “I’m so teeny-tiny compared to a deity, I’m microscopic compared to what a deity can do.” – Well, at least you recognize your total lack of insignificance…. progress has been made!

  8. You think we’re upset? LOL You’re giving yourself way too much credit. I’m just calling bullshit on bullshit. A spade a spade as you said. But nice fallacy of taking the high road. “Oh my gosh look at how SILLY these people are getting upset over what I said!” And I love the “people on the internet” thing. So you’re judging people for making comments about comments on the internet….even though your entire blog was about comments on the internet that pissed you off? Hypocrite much?

  9. Seeing how this was resurrected from the dead and bought to my attention. Even tho it barely deserves notice. I guess I’ll respond.
    Loki, is one that fits this category of barely deserving notice. Loki belongs in the same category as unicorns. If he deserves any recognition then it as the shifty beastility promoting lying Nithling that it truly is . Really when a fellow giantess, is first in line to torture him, does that not pose the question of “Should he be worthy of worship”? Yes I have no use for Loki it is well known. No you want to talk about deeds? Show me your battles. Show me the money and time you have spent on our warriors. Show me the sweat you have laid in fighting for equal representation of our faith. As we say on AL show me your sources. Next don’t play the I hate gays card. I lead a kindred where we have a lesbian couple that I performed their ceremony. The transgendered couple that my children adore for the people they are. I submit this to you. Come on my show and tell your tale. Ask any of my guests I will not blind side a guest for the ratings of the show. I show you my deeds show me yours.

    Chuck Hudson
    Raven Radio
    505-796-4065 Skype #

    • 1. I really don’t know why you’re lecturing me on Loki, because I’m not Lokean, I’m VANATRU. V-A-N-A-T-R-U. I hang out with Lokeans, but I have no personal dealings with flame-hair, and I could give a fuck what you think of my beliefs, anyways,
      2. I am currently authoring a devotional to Freyja, it’s not out yet because I haven’t had the time. I suspect you wouldn’t be interested, because it’s being published through Asphodel Press, AND EW RAVEN KALDERA COOTIES!
      3. You seem suspiciously eager to play the “I don’t hate gays” card when you haven’t said anything anti-gay.
      4. Um,. let me think about that invitation. No! No! Non! Nein! Iie! Niet! Neen! Bu! Lo! Nope, not taking your bait.
      5. Go away. You’re disturbing my hall peace. Go away. I’m finished with you. Go away, go away, go away. Go away, troll. Go back under your bridge with the other trolls. Go away, greedy wolf, I’m not giving you what’s in my basket. I’m not taking your poisoned apple. I’m not shaking out your bed (I hate snow). I’m not eating your rapunzel. I’m not interested in your gingerbread house, spindle, golden egg, golden hairs, or horse’s head.

      Your princess is in another castle. Your Pokemon’s in a different ball (and my Umbreon can beat them anyways). The Thu’um you want is on a different wall. Aeris is dead, bro, stop trying to revive her. You’re not getting an “I” block. You missed out on recruiting one of the 108 Stars of Destiny (enjoy your bad ending). They told you she was an Ardat-Yakshi, WHY U NO LISTEN? You’re up against Beelzebub and you didn’t equip the circlet that absorbs poison damage. You spent too much time with your Social Links and its a full moon.

      Thank you for playing. Go away.

      Further comments will be ignored entirely by everyone.

        • *your

          You didn’t press X to not die. You’ve lost too much sanity and your save data’s been corrupted. You have no more Estus flasks. You really shouldn’t have listened to Yuzu. You made one “bad” decision and now you’re stuck on the Renegade path.

      • 2. I am currently authoring a devotional to Freyja, it’s not out yet because I haven’t had the time. I suspect you wouldn’t be interested, because it’s being published through Asphodel Press, AND EW RAVEN KALDERA COOTIES!

        That will be awesome.

        • Gah! Editing! It should say editing! I am EDITING a devotional to Freyja!
          I was going to put some poetry in there too, but suddenly I have Orders, you know, *Orders*.

          ….But at least I’m writing the foreword.

      • APPLAUSE! Best flyting ever. I especially love “The Thu’um you want is on a different wall.”

        More seriously, we all have different takes on what it means to be Heathen, our practices, and which deities we choose (or choose not) to honor. It is discourteous and breaks frith to walk into someone else’s space and say YUR DOING IT RONG. Insults and death threats will only rebound in the long run. Add misogyny, racism, and transphobia to the mix? Do not want. Not now, not ever.

        Thanks for your blogging and all you do.

        • I searched SO LONG for the rest of Storm Call and all I got was part of Mark of Death or Aura Whisper or SOMETHING INCREDIBLY USELESS!

          Oh, but don’t you know, they’re not misogynists/transphobes/racists, because people in their kindred are black/gay/trans! Do you know how I know someone isn’t a misogynist/transphobe/racist? They DON’T SAY MISOGYNISTIC/TRANSPHOBIC/RACIST THINGS! WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?!

          Thank you though, that means a lot. ❤

  10. Show our battles? Who the hell are you be my conscience? Really? Who are you to assume we do nothing because we are not asatru? My family has served and I volunteer for the American Legion Auxiliary. Not that it’s your fucking business. I do pagan care packages and other items to help those on the front line so fuck you again. I went to Asatrulore on a recommendation and I was told if I was not “German American” I wasn’t worthy. You have your space and we have our. How about we both stay in them and leave the other alone. Jackass.

    • That I find hard to believe, if that did happen as one the admins on AL. Please accept my apology. That sort of talk is not allowed and will not be tolerated. If possible provide me with the link and I will correct that issue.
      Next I never ever said, insinuated commented or out right spoke of non Non Heathens as nothing. What I called Nifling was a at most demigod named Loki I rarely speak down to anyone except for one group.
      Next item. Thank you for helping the warrior’s and vets of our country. Now you know how I felt when someone that doesn’t know me makes an accusation that was not true.
      Final item before I get back to fixing a homeless mans deadly heart issues. If you really want to be taken seriously the choice of language should be reevaluated. The continual stream of “F” bombs makes for rough conversation.

      Wæs Thù Hál


        • Damn enter button.
          I mod the shit out of that. I have zero tolerance for that and advocate against it ridiculously.
          That being said, I repeat if you don’t want our opinion don’t talk shit about us. Jesus this is akin to high school. Oh well yeah I total talked about you but why so you care? Oh and your so mean so you deserve it anyways. Why are you mean to me?
          Lord grow up. If you don’t want public dissent don’t post it publicly. Other wise suck it up cupcake.

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