It’s a Sign! STFU

I was intending to put up the next chapter of “The Tithe Boy” today, but I’ve come down with a nasty cold, so it will have to wait.

This is one thing that really bothers me about Pagans, or, Hel, New Agers too,and related folks, the idea that, well, everything is a “sign” from one’s deities.

“I saw a bird today, it must be a sign!” (even though those are migratory birds that come here every year)

“I caught a cold today, it’s a sign that my deity is displeased.” (or it’s cold season, or you have a compromised immune system)

“I dropped an orange on the floor, it must be a sign!” (no, you’re just clumsy)

Now, maybe this is because I, not being in possession of a godphone like almost every other Pagan, like to assume that everything has a reasonable explanation and the simplest explanation is usually the correct one, but it’s amazing how there are a lot of people who literally see signs and omens in, well, everything, absolutely everything.

To be fair, though, I’m not saying that signs and such don’t exist, what I’m really concerned about is this tendency to view everything as a SIGN that means the gods love you and want you to be happy (actually, that’s beer). As an example, I maybe see a blue jay a couple of times a year, they are native to the area, I just don’t happen to see them very often, that doesn’t mean that the blue jay has some sort of message for me if I see them (though my mom always says that blue jays calling means that rain is coming). I mean, seriously, just because you see one thing that’s out of the ordinary doesn’t mean that it’s a SIGN!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice for you other than to use your head. Don’t assume that everything is automatically a SIGN, above all, LOOK FOR MUNDANE EXPLANATIONS BEFORE MAKING ANY ASSUMPTIONS! Seriously, Occam’s Razor and all that, sometimes a bird is a bird, a tree is a tree, and the brain that you aren’t using is the brain that you aren’t using.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Sign! STFU

  1. I’m with you. I tend to be skeptical of “signs” that reflect normal animal behavior or natural processes or plausible everyday occurrences. True omens tend to have an unmistakable feeling of “weird” around them, as well as a sense of timing that is pretty impossible to ignore, rather than just being some random act that one can interpret any which way.

    Also, in my experience, “signs” generally have to do with a god or spirit wanting to draw your attention to something you’re ignoring and that you need to take care of, rather than Them sending you a cheery “all’s well and you’re my favorite” sort of message 😛 Besides, if you have to tell people that every insignificant event is A Sign and smugly interpret it as proof of how favored you are, well…that sort of defeats the purpose of having omens and auguries to begin with.

  2. I think part of the problem is the tendency to see every sign as something huge and important. Sometimes it’s just the gods saying hello, y’know? Or the sign is intended for someone else. You happen to be around, is all.

    Also, not every sign is from deity. Sometimes coincidences just pile up and gain meaning to you without any divine, external source. And that’s okay. The universe moves like that because it’s chill.

    Personally, I wait until several signs pile up and are accompanied with divination or “impressions”–hard to put to words. I figure if something’s truly important, then I’ll get poked two or more times (3+ is best, IMO). Also, signs aren’t always lovey-dovey, like you said. I remember one time acting like a selfish git before Bast while at shrine. My door, which had been closed, suddenly popped open. That was a clear sign to “get a better attitude or GTFO” to me. XD It also almost caused me to need a new pair of undies. Lol.

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