Going to the Greeks?

Before I get into this, no, I’m not planning on acting like Trixie  certain people who talk about abandoning their pantheon for another one in the space of two seconds, but in light of my previous post on deity crushes, I’m kind of wondering if there isn’t something more to my on-going infatuation with both Dionysus and Aphrodite. This isn’t really the first time I’ve wondered this, or put it into words, but I guess that post I made last week really made me stop and think about it.

The thing is, if there really is something more to this, I can’t fathom what I’d have to offer either of them. I don’t drink. I’m a virgin. Most importantly, I know what happens to people who attract their attention. Then again, I suppose my not-drinking probably should have pissed off some of the Norse pantheon right now, and they seem to be cool with it.

Don’t worry, though, I don’t see myself joining the ranks of dual/multi-trad Pagans right this instant. I find it difficult enough to focus on the deities I already have without adding more. I also don’t relish the idea of carving my own niche in between two hardassed reconstructionist communities (even though, as someone who took a few classes on Greek religion in university, I’m a bit more prepared research-wise).

I suppose the typical bit of advice in this situation would be “Why don’t you give them an offering each and see what happens?” which is advice that is unnecessarily complicated when the most you get on a good day is silence followed by more silence followed by the feeling that you are talking to yourself. Of course, then I’m right back where I started from with “So what led you to believe that this is more than just your deity crush?”

I don’t know, I just wonder….


6 thoughts on “Going to the Greeks?

    1. Well, you see, any offering list to the Norse deities will have at least six different alcoholic beverages and like, one thing like lemonade. 😛 Or there are Asshattru who use their religion as an excuse to drink a whole lot, whichever works.


  1. As someone who just got out of a multi-deity mess, I’m going to say to hold off on doing anything related to these gods. I know nothing of Aphrodite, but I’ve heard Dionysus can be very . . . demanding. You’ll want to be *very* sure you’re up for it.

    At least god crushes are normal. 😉 If you asked, most people could name half a dozen. A crush may very well be a prod in the brain from the deity in question, but just because someone comes knockin’ doesn’t mean you have to let them in. (It’d be polite to at least say the house is full. . . .)

    Of course, a crush can also be nothing at all. At least a couple of times I’ve taken a crush as a thwap. Responses ranged from GTFO to “um, hi? Yeah, I guess you can set up shop for awhile. . . .”

    Some people can handle a big line up of deities (and by “big”, I mean 4/5+ deities). Other people can’t. Maybe you’re a one or two deity person. And depending on what kind of relationship you want to have with the divine, that may work best for you.

    Maybe you should ask your deities. I know you don’t have a godphone but they might be willing to give you a hint about what to do. 😉

    1. Well, the way I see it is that I’m moving pretty slowly with my current pantheon (people ask me if I’m dedicated to Freyja, and I’m like “WTF NO! NOT READY FOR THAT!) I don’t even have a permanent ritual space, or a lot of time, or privacy. In short, if someone is tapping me, they picked a VERY BAD TIME in my life to do it, but I suppose deities see things on a whole other level.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is that I had my “rushing into things” phase a long time ago with Wicca, and I was lucky, the most I got was a feeling that “Wow, this really isn’t for me,” not like some people who screw up, and then shit hits the fan.

      I’m not necessarily opposed to not being “exclusive” but I honestly don’t want to end up like some of my FB friends, with their many, many, MANY altars.

  2. I really feel your pain. I chronically fall in love with deities from other pantheons, it’s really quite inconvenient sometimes! Recently, I finally gave in to Brighid, and I’ve always had an infatuation with Saraswati. (Not to mention an ongoing fascination with all kinds of Buddhism)

    If you find out a way to stop this, you call me up and let me know! 😉 I’m sure i’m not the only one who would like to know!

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