Adventures in the Land of Sexist, Racist, Homophobic English Nationalists

[MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING: sexism, racism, homophobia]

I recently started having online conversations with sexist pigs the friendly blokes at the Anglo-Saxon Foundation’s forums. Why, you ask? Because I was bored and in the mood to troll, and when I get bored and in the mood to troll, I do stuff like this.

So I started up an “Ask a Lesbian Pagan” thread, which you can read here in all its sexist, racist, homophobic glory (seriously, MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING).

If you think you’re up to it, hit the jump for some quotes, they are both amusing and terrible.

Okay, so, is everyone here able to tolerate sexist, homophobic, racist bullshit? If so, good, if not SERIOUSLY, STOP READING NOW!

Right, now that that’s out of the way. Here are some questions I received. They range from the innocuous:

“Ummm…..are we there yet?”

To the serious:

“Why does the lore have no models of homosexuality? Can we read any cultural significance in this?”

(I promptly replied with a list, though I messed up the Gefjon reference, they didn’t seem to catch it, though.)

“Have you ever been sexually attracted to males at any point in your life?” (a legit question, since I identified as a lesbian Pagan right off the bat)

To the racist:

“Probably a long shot here, but can you shed any light on why the Feminist groups do not demonstrate against the treatment of Women by the backward Islamic scum.”

To the absolutely nonsensical:

“It’s difficult to imagine Lesbians having a good time with one another, as it’s physically impossible for two females to have sexual intercourse, the orgy is never concluded. Because there is no sexual intercourse involved there is arguably no such thing as a Lesbian, or a gay woman, how do you respond to this claim?”



Brace yourself for this.

You’ve started a thread in Opposing Views – which is the only interesting thing about it – so do you see yourself as a victim? Despite what you say I think you care very much what people think of you. Sexuality is not really important because it is a preference based on physiological needs associated with self. The adult human is a biological machine which can exist independently for periods dependent on the degree of self in the individual. The human self is a hunter and in this respect the male of the species is genetically superior to the female. Men go out and get, women receive. In First World countries following a catastrophic event you would see this relationship fully restored in a matter of weeks. Modernity has given women the opportunity to compete with men, however this new relationship relies on the linear that brought us here. So, what would a woman who prefers women do in a world where men are biologically suprerior and survival dictates she finds herself a man?

LOL wut. Seriously, I didn’t even dignify this with a proper response, it doesn’t deserve one. I leave it here for your amusement.

The thread is on-going, so if you have the stomach, check it out.


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