Godsdammit, Trixie….

So, apparently Trixie decided to not ditch all of the Norse deities completely and has said that Loki (or whoever is masquerading as Loki) wants her to be a godspouse, based on three positive divination sessions (one by yours truly, and two I’m assuming by herself). Note to self: next time ask for more info before pulling the Three of Cups, not like, weeks (if not months or years) of thinking.

This is the same person, mind you, who decides who her patrons are based on an online test (I can’t find the exact one, but it exists) on top of all the other stuff I’ve chronicled, like the dedicated masochist I am (I MUST be a masochist, because recording Trixiesaga is nothing short of painful).

Fuck this, reading Krampus erotica (yes, I did actually buy that novella with a coupon, I love Kobo, always giving me coupons) is infinitely preferable to this.

Also, I was just called a “fake Pagan” by the dickwaffles at the ASF. I am proud of this. Better my fake Pagany than your steaming pile, whiny cisdudebros.

6 thoughts on “Godsdammit, Trixie….

  1. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure what to make of Trixie….and her requests sometimes make me wonder why she just doesn’t give up, as she often says that she is going to do.

    But I’m sure that I have my own specific ways of driving people crazy too, so feel free to slap me upside the head, if you’d ever feel so inclined.

    • I only slap people with explicit written consent. 😛
      Oh, I’m sure I drive people insane, constantly misquoting source material when I can remember so much useless crap by heart, definitely not doing as much “homework” as I should be doing, never having read the sagas (BO-RING!), etc.

      As for Trixie, I’d say she seems very….schizophrenic….when it comes to what she does, but I don’t want to offend people who actually have schizophrenia. It just seems like she’s flip-flopping in so many directions that I can’t keep track, and then she’ll talk about Loki and Odin without knowing about what goes on in the Lokasenna, and even *I* can give you a rough outline of that story. On top of what she says about Freyja, and then complaining when Freyja isn’t paying any attention to her. It’s just so….so…I NEED A CLUEBAT, RIGHT NOW!

      • Perhaps Trixie has schizophrenia, perhaps she’s just an entitled brat. Either way, she’s essentially put a neon sign above her head that says ‘Free Lunch!’ and she is going to end up in rather deep water, without being able to swim. My worry is that, whilst drowning, she’ll attempt to latch onto you, which would be unpleasant to say the least. I do hope I’m wrong.

  2. Part of me really hopes some of this is in Trixie’s imagination, because one of these days she’s going to screw herself over. 😦 Gods are not toys. Sometimes that can be hard to remember between all the woo and foo, but we’ve got to have that fact stored in our heads in a place of easy retrieval.

    • You definitely aren’t alone in thinking that. There are people of my acquaintance who believe that Loki’s actually a mental sockpuppet or a very mischievous spirit, although, were I a spirit, I think I’d be bored by now.

      • Hm, that’s an interesting viewpoint.

        A mischievous spirit would probably know the best time to quit. In Trixie’s case, maybe there’s a delicious, spicy meltdown in the near future. I dunno about you, but I wouldn’t find that boring. :p

        “Teeheeehee, the ANTICIPATION!”

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