So, I might have a bit of a problem.

I shouldn’t be this stressed out over my computer, but I think it (and my hormones) are turning me into an emotional wreck.

I think I’m going to try and cut down on my computer use this week (if mom will stop bugging me to send pictures to people), exercise, read a book, admire my tarot decks, draw (I haven’t drawn pictures in a long time). I’m feeling the urge to do something involving the Elements. I just need to chill. I gave better things to do than get worked up over a machine, r-right? RIGHT?!

I would appreciate some nice, encouraging comments when I get back. It’s been a shit-tastic last few days all around, amirite?  /understatement

Okay, I’m signing off now and getting some sleep.


One thought on “Technostress

  1. Yes, you have much better things to do than get distraught over a computer. Given the news lately, the Elements, pitching a fit, would make more sense.

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