“Sea, Sky, Soil” is Out Now!

I just received an announcement from Nicanthiel Hrafnhild that the first book in the Waincraft series is (finally) out now.

Waincraft is a new tradition that grew out of Vanatru, so if you’re interested in brand shiny new traditions (especially if you’re interested in Vanatru) you might enjoy this book. Here’s the full text of the announcement:

I [Nicanthiel], and the folks at Ravens Hall Press, am pleased to announce that, after two and a half years of research, experience and writing, all the threads have come together in this book, officially kicking off a new Pagan tradition for the modern age.

Feel free to spread the news to any interested parties

The book will be available soon on Amazon and other online retailers, and is currently available directly from Lulu.com and the Ravens Hall Press website.

Direct link to the book on Lulu.

I will most likely be picking it up….eventually.

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