Taking the Plunge Into Urban Fantasy

I’ve decided that enough is enough, and now, instead of ranting about how cliched urban fantasy has gotten these days, I’m going to write my own urban fantasy and fuck mass appeal. I even wrote a blurb for it…

In a world where extraordinary abilities are determined by genetics, Scott Raine-Harte just wants to live an unexciting life with his husband in a moderately-priced apartment complex in the cosmopolitan city-state of St. Cyprian. When you live next door to a demon, a faerie, a dominatrix (and her techie boyfriend) and a single father with two hyperactive five year olds, however; life is anything but unexciting.

Scott is also a Splicer, a genetic anomaly capable of permanently altering a person’s genetic code so they can no longer use their powers–if it doesn’t kill them first. Hiding from a government who forcibly “recruits” Spicers into working as assassins, Scott gradually finds himself drawn into a conflict between rival demon clans that could plunge his entire world into chaos.

It’s awesome and you want to read it, amirite?

This is a project that’s been stewing for awhile, so it may take some time to finally come to fruition. Please be patient.


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