Interviews with Characters, Part 2

So I had so much fun doing the last interview that I wanted to do a second one right away. This one is for a particularly chatty character who hasn’t yet been introduced into the story.

[The man sitting across from me appears to be in his mid-to-late twenties. His hair is black and curly, and his eyes are a deep blue. He’s wearing a dress shirt and pants, both slightly rumpled. There’s a messenger bag by his seat, it’s plastered with buttons. I see a pride and a leather pride button side by side, the rest I don’t recognize. I’m guessing they’re probably quotes from shows that he watches, or song lyrics. I’m not up to speed on popular media in St. Cyprian yet.]

Me: Let’s start with the basics. Name?

Him: Wesley Smith

Me: Occupation?

Wesley: I work in tech support. [he grins] Does “professional geek” count as a job?

Me: Of course it does! [I check my notes.] It says here that you’re a registered Technopath? [People who have a particular aptitude for understanding technology.]

Wesley: Yeah, I guess it’s kind of typical, but in my line of work, it helps when you don’t have to read the instructions to figure out the latest gadget.

Me: Tell us about your childhood.

Wesley: [he shrugs] There’s not much to tell. White, middle-class household, parents were embarrassingly affectionate with each other. My dad bought me a night with a hooker….

Me: That’s interesti–wait, what? He hired a hooker, for you?

Wesley: Yeah, I guess he was getting concerned that I wasn’t going to get laid before I was thirty. Her name was Clare, I made her coffee, we talked, nothing happened.

Me: Did your mom ever find out about it?

Wesley: Pfft, knowing her, it was her idea in the first place.

Me: That’s just terrible!

Wesley: [he shrugs again] They had the best of intentions, but I was ready to kill them in their sleep at the time. Everyone has a good laugh about it, now though.

Me: Well, I guess it could have been worse. So, you, Dominic [Wesley’s current boyfriend, a lawyer] and Rachel [Wesley’s current gf, a firefighter] weren’t an item yet?

Wesley: [he shakes his head] Nah, well, sort of?

Me: Go on….

Wesley: Well, we’ve been friends since like, ever.

Me: When did that change?

Wesley: The day Dominic sucker punched a guy in the face.

Me: Were you angry with him for doing it?

Wesley: Are you kidding me?! That asshole beat me up every day in high school, and no one did anything about it. Dominic was suspended for it, of course, but it was worth it, it was so worth it. Oh, but he’s not usually violent or anything, it was just that one time.

Me: Is that when Rachel came into the picture?

Wesley: Yeah, that….kind of just happened. One moment you have two amazing friends, the next, two SOs.

Me: That must have been hard to explain to your ‘rents?

Wesley: Nah, it wasn’t that hard, I just told them Rachel and I were dating, and as far as they were concerned, Dominic and I were still friends. What we did together while they were away was none of their business.

Me: [grinning] You were playing video games, right?

Wesley: [grinning back] Yeah, among other things….

Me: So, speaking of other things, when did Dominic and Rachel become Master Dominic and Mistress Rachel?

Wesley: When did Dom become, well, Dom, in other words?

Me: Yeah, basically.

Wesley: [shrugging] Yeah, that kind of just….happened….

Me: One moment you’re flat on your back….

Wesley: ….and the next you’re letting someone tie you up and stick clothespins on your nipples. Not my first time, though.

Me: Dominic was your first?

Wesley: First in general? Yeah. [his expression turns wistful, and he sighs a little] That man kisses like a demon.

Me: Have you ever kissed a demon?

Wesley: Have you met Rofocale?

Me: Well, I haven’t sat down with him….

Wesley: Yeah, well, let’s just say I know from experience.

Me: By the way, we aren’t breaking any sort of protocol by talking like this, are we?

Wesley: Nah, neither of them are particularly hardassed when it comes to either capital letters or titles. Don’t worry about it. They know, I know, the gods know, no one else matters.

Me: The gods?

Wesley: Yeah, Dominic has an…er…thing….with Ereshkigal and Inanna. Rachel is, last I checked, still comfortably agnostic. I haven’t been tapped by anyone in particular. The land spirits seem to like me, though. Have you met Yaldabreth?

Me: Yalda–[something bumps up against my knee, I look down, there’s nothing there, but I catch a whiff of lavender and spring rain]

Wesley: [grinning] Right on cue, xe usually hangs around in the apartment. Dominic thought xe was bound there, but it turns out that xe can follow us around town and peep in dressing rooms.

Me: You have a voyeur for a house spirit?

Wesley: Xe stops if you ask nicely. [He pauses, cocking his head as if listening to someone I can’t hear, and then he grins.] Xe likes you. Actually, xe likes almost everyone as long as they aren’t Dominic.

Me: Xe doesn’t like Dominic?

Wesley: [he shrugs] Xe tolerates him, and I can’t think of anything he might have done to offend xir, but sometimes it seems like xir just torments him for shits and giggles, you know? Xe mostly listens when I tell her to cool it, though, and xe’s never done anything particularly malicious, xe just likes to prank him a lot.

Me: I see. Is there anything else you feel I should know?

Wesley: Um, that I’m a normal guy who just happens to like being tied up on occasion?

Me: I thought that was already established….

Wesley: Yeah, well, can’t hurt to repeat it a couple times. They’re pretty accepting in St. Cyprian, though, especially here. Once you start hanging around with demons and Fae, the stuff you do in the bedroom seems tame by comparison.

Me: The Fae are just as bad?

Wesley: Have you ever been fucked by a skogsra?

Me: Erm, no?

Wesley: Yeah, funny story, everyone involved swore that they’d never do that again. It’s like, I don’t know, going on a crazy roller coaster for the first time. It’s fun at first, but by the end, you don’t want to go again if you don’t like that sort of ride. Ride? Heh…

Me: Actually, I’m curious to learn how you survived that encounter.

Wesley: Sometimes the tales just lie, or maybe we were just very lucky. It’s not something I’d care to repeat, though.

Me: Well, thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Mr. Smith.

Wesley: Just Wesley is fine, and thanks for having me!


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