Fire Emblem Awakening Demo Impressions

Usually I wouldn’t post my impressions of a demo because I don’t play many demos, and it would be much easier to just post a full review but OMFGS SO EXCITE FOR THIS GAME! EXCITE!

So I just finished downloading and playing the demo on my brand shiny new 3DS, and here are my impressions:

Ooh, a choice of three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Lunatic, I’ll just pick Normal, because I think that’s the only one they’ll let me pick.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN’T PLAY WITH PERMADEATH? (The game now has an option to turn off permadeath, undermining the entire point of the series, but just call me a purist.)

WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN’T PLAY AS A GIRL? AND WHY DOES MY MALE PC HAVE A STUPID VOICE? (This is just for the demo, though. You can customize your character’s appearance in the full game as well.)

At least I can pick my birthday….


Ylisse? Seriously? That’s the name of this place? Okay, whatever. BTW these cutscenes are great!

Ooh, this co-op battle thing is neat. Not only do you get bonuses to certain stats, characters will attack with you or deflect damage.

I LOVE SULLY SO MUCH! Her response to Virion’s unwanted flirting? Threatening him with a boot to the face! Virion is, well, full of himself, seriously full of himself. Sully is awesome. Cavaliers are the best.

P.S. Don’t worry Lissa, I’ll promote you to something cool so you won’t have to cower and let all the big strong men save you all the time.

MAAAAAAARTH! (What’s wrong with his voice?)

Aw, it’s over? WTF now I have to wait until February?

In short, this demo is all kinds of awesome, I was already going to buy the full game, but if I were on the fence I’d totally be picking it up.


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