Remember “Save the Pearls”?

Remember that horribly racist book that I still haven’t read but I decided to comment on anyways?

There’s now a version for queer folks! (Trigger warning: homophobia)

I wish I was kidding.

Can we just ban all straight people from writing stories about gay people until they pass a test? I’ll happily write a test for writing characters of colour, if that’s what it takes. Let’s see, question one: “What sort of metaphors should you never use to describe the colour of someone’s skin?” Food metaphors, of course!

Seriously, I cannot headdesk enough, or I will end up in the hospital.

Actually, this segues neatly into a post I’m working on. I’ll probably have it up tomorrow, I’m tired, too much homophobia makes my brain hurt. I should go finish Magic’s Price. Despite it’s somewhat datedness, Vanyel is light years ahead of this shit. He isn’t even in the same universe as this shit. Save me from all this homophobia, Vanyel!


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