Remember the Tarot Deck of Heroes?

I found a deck that’s like a genderflipped version of the Tarot Deck of Heroes

I’m not sure whether to laugh or be offended by the Sensual Goddess Tarot (NSFW, NSFW, NSFW!)

On the one hand, there’s so much boobage on display that I find it almost campy and absolutely ridiculous. On the other hand, does anyone else find it ironic that a deck that purports to celebrate “the power of the feminine aspect in the tradition of the great master artists whose sculptures, paintings and drawings praised female beauty as one of the greatest creations ever,” by….reducing them to T&A and constantly putting them in subservient positions (especially the kings).

I just checked, the artist is a man, that explains everything.



3 thoughts on “Remember the Tarot Deck of Heroes?

  1. …and much of the boobage is fake boobage.
    This isn’t art, it’s soft-core porn. Even staged like it. Laughable if it weren’t so pathetic.

  2. Yet another artist who has no idea how bewbs work. *sigh*

    But I cracked up. This doesn’t celebrate anything, except the joy of gravity-defying bewbs. Seriously, has this guy even *seen* ’em before? It kind of looks like he took stock photos, then blew up the, erm “important” stuff in Phododoshop. At least the butts are (mostly) anatomically possible. Lol.

    I feel especially sorry for the woman on Eight of Wands (shoulders Do Not Work That Way), Ace of Swords, and Three of Swords. And the woman on the Emperor card has pasties. WTF?

    Goddess archetype my foot. It did provide a few minutes of lols, though, so the artist gets credit for that? But fr srs. The art is *so* bad. He was probably hoping we’d be transfixed by the tits and not note the serious errors in some of the cards.

  3. So, I just took a look at the artist’s profile. Apparently he does boudoir photography and has one awards for “erotic art” which explains a lot, but his biography on the site sounds a bit small name, big ego, if you catch my drift.

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