Nostalgia Time: Gef’s First Games

Inspired by a couple videos I watched today (one on one guy’s “Scariest Nostalgic Moments” and the other a Top Ten Nostalgic animated shows list by a different guy) and because I feel like crap, and a bunch of small things are going wrong, this post is about me rambling on about games that I loved (and games that scared me) as a child. Some of these will be “firsts”, others are not.

The very first game I ever played was Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros. for the NES. At my house, our name for that stupid asshole dog was “Travis”, after the younger of my two older brothers. Like, I imagine, most people, I tried my hardest to shoot that stupid dog. Alas, he’s invincible, the smug little son of a bitch.

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest was one of the games that scared the crap out of me from this generation.  From that creepy sound you make when you die to that password music, OMFGs the password music!

Seriously, just listen to this creepy tune:


Kirby’s Adventure My friend says that I once ignored everyone at my birthday party to play this game. I don’t remember doing this, I remember all of us playing together (taking turns with the controller) but anyways, this is the first game I actually remember beating.

Also, cannibalism is the key to victory!

First PC game: Myst I remember when we bought our first “good” computer, and my mom said to the sales guy. “I want a game for this that’s non-violent.”

And that is how we ended up with Myst.

Those of you who are familiar with this game are probably laughing at this, because while the game is not violent, per se, there’s one particular instance where you open up a box (next to an electrified cage) containing a shrunken head.

That shrunken head gave me nightmares.

I wanted a Super Nintendo so badly, but I ended up with a Sega Genesis. My favourite games for this system were undoubtedly Pocahontas and Ecco the Dolphin: The Tides of Time (despite the latter having the most disappointing ending ever, so much so that I kept playing it to see if I’d missed something) and the former had the whole “be kind to animals and save the environment” thing and getting the eagle spirit was the awesomest thing ever.

I was very easily entertained back then.

Okay, so, back to PC gaming, Septerra Core easily wins the prize for “really trippy world”, even if the respawning enemies were a pain in the ass, but religion played a significant role (even if it was just “Jesus vs. Satan with vaguely Babylonian names) and it was trippy.

I’m tired now, so it’s time to end this.

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