So I’m a Publisher Now, Apparently

So I found out that ISBNs are free in Canada, seeing as I am currently looking to publish my NaNoWriMo novel, The Eldermaid, I was just like “What the Hel, ISBNs are free,” and decided to apply for my own prefix.

I received an email today approving my application.

So I guess that makes me a publisher now, er, a self-publisher, which apparently counts as a publisher in Canada.

Do you know what this means?

It means I can, as far as I can tell, publish whatever I want without any gatekeepers lurking around being like “This character is too queer, make them straight!” and all those other things publishers do to authors.

This means that I don’t need to give a traditional publisher a cut….

….but it also means I have to do all the work.

Still, now I can PUBLISH ALL THE THINGS! ALL THE THINGS! IN DIFFERENT FORMATS (I have to assign a new ISBN per edition, though)! I still need to read everything and figure stuff out.

6 thoughts on “So I’m a Publisher Now, Apparently

  1. Yay you!

    So, what happened to that piece of fiction that you may or may not have garnered enough interest in writing…the one about Gawain and the Green Knight? Was there not enough interest? Just curious. Not trying to be pushy…

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