Moments of Gaming Suck

…when you find out Draugr Deathlords can shout (that’s MY thing!”)

….and then they use the “Disarm” shout RIGHT before you finish summoning a Daedroth with the Sanguine Rose

….when your computer crashes after a long stretch of gaming in which you forgot to save, like an idiot

….when you use up all your health potions fighting a tough boss–only to discover that he has three more forms.

…when the antagonist you want to kill so BADLY is never fought

…and is killed in a cutscene

….when a character says “Oh, I’m dying” and asks you to give them a mercy stroke–via a hard boss battle (I thought you wanted me to finish you off! STAND STILL AND LET ME KILL YOU!”)

…when you want to persuade enemies instead of fighting them and you need to go through a conversation six times because you a) failed a skill check, or b) didn’t choose the right options

…when the sexist assholes in Mount&Blade won’t give you a fief because you’re a girl–and then they act surprised when you turn Bandit Queen on them

…timed missions, just, timed missions

….when you find out that running away from battle nets you a bad ending

…when you pass the Point of No Return and realize that, fuck, you didn’t recruit all 108 Stars of Destiny

…when you tell yourself you aren’t going to use a walkthrough–only to head to GameFAQs two seconds later

…when you can’t figure out where to go so the stupid town music is stuck in your head

….when bosses have super cheap moves (“Oh yey I did so much damage! WTF did it just heal itself to full?!”)

…”I was standing still! How the fuck did I trigger a random encounter?!”

….when the game has random encounters every two seconds!

….when the game has unskippable cutscenes

….and you lost to the boss right before a long one. Have fun seeing it another twenty times!

…when you really like the one track that isn’t on the OST

…when the game ends, because. it’s. OVER!


2 thoughts on “Moments of Gaming Suck

  1. That’s why I play Skyrim on stupid-easy settings; the Draugr remain relatively stupid, and I can snipe them before they figure out what’s going on.

    I write or tinker with puzzles to challenge myself. I don’t play RPGs to challenge myself. RPGs are for escapism and gamer points. šŸ˜€

    1. I like the sense of achievement I get from killing a giant for the first time….at level 21. T_T And I had killed at least 17 dragons at that point. Seriously, the difficulty curve is ridiculous.

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