Things That Annoy Me

(In no particular order.)

  • When stupid people call at midnight to talk to my dad about his shift at the gym the next morning, and my dad goes to bed at 10:00 on the nose (I don’t know who this lady is, but she has a nickname: “the bubblehead”)
  • When tarot deck creators don’t put up images of the whole deck for everyone to see, which says to me that a) your minor arcana are non-scenic or b) you’re showing the few good cards and the rest are crap. If you’re worried about copyright infringement, make lower-quality pics or slap the copyright on them
  • For that matter, minor arcana that are non-scenic. I HATE THEM SO MUCH! (Although I am considering adding one to my collection, but I hate them, so the majors better be awesome.) Semi-illustrated are not ideal, but I suppose they are acceptable. Yes, yes, I know, scenic minors take a lot of work, but I would much rather wait for an artist to finish them than just rush it out with pip cards, because I hate them, so much
  • I feel like writing today! *opens up The Splicer* Nope, I don’t want to write that….*tries the Tithe-Boy* No, not that one either…*goes through every single project she has atm* WHY CAN’T I GET WRITING JUICE FOR A PROJECT I’M CURRENTLY DOING???
  • When you’ve agreed on a plot with someone on your RPing forum and your character randomly decides to do something else, and then you have to write an apology to the other player.
  • People who decide to oath to a deity five seconds after declaring that they’ve adopted a new faith (apparently the subject of the latest Lokean tumblr drama, say my reliable sources)
  • Related: people who decide “X deity must be my patron because we share X number of characteristics, even though the first time I tried offering to this deity, I became sick, and then I spilled candle wax on my hand when I approached that deity asking for healing. Do you think X deity isn’t my patron after all?”
  • Also related: People who decide that you MUST have a patron, and that they MUST be a god and goddess, because Wicca, and then they decide that there must be something wrong if no patron is in evidence
  • “Oh, you’re queer? Why do you worship Freyr then? Don’t you know he’s a god of FERTILITY???” ….Just stop talking, right now.
  • Person has a problem with BDSM, especially in the context of ritual–said person comes from a tradition that uses a scourge
  •  Straight Male Doms who think that all women are subs
  • I said Straight Male Doms, which is a different kind of Dom than the male Doms who happen to be straight
  • “If you were playing with me, I’d train you to be a proper sub,” (because deep down inside, all women are subs, yes they are!) Um, no, “Sir” (and I use that term with the greatest reluctance) I don’t want to play with you, end of story. You misogynistic piece of shit.
  • Related: Dommes who want to have an online relationship with you, and you’ve had like, two conversations since they introduced themselves, and for the eleventy billionth time, it’s not my kink.
  • (Where did I encounter these lovely people? PaganSpace, my friends.)
  • When I realize that I, a disabled woman, haven’t written any disabled characters into any of my stories. Well, there’s that one character who is blind, and is mentioned like, twice, but that doesn’t count.
  • This recent rise of so-called “Pagan fundamentalism” which, frankly, I find to be mildly disturbing. I will probably devote a whole post explaining why soon.
  • Stores that put out Easter candy before Valentine’s Day is over (also applies to every other major holiday) SIGH
  • When my mom tries to be sarcastic and fails
  • When I see stores advertising Fifty Shades of Grey perfume
  • ….and I think “Is it necktie scented?”
  • When I have deity crushes on male deities (even if they are very androgynous, or shapeshifters)
  • ….because then I feel like a bad lesbian
  • ….yes, that is incredibly silly of me.
  • When I hear someone call my name at random, and I go out and ask my mom about it, but she didn’t say a thing
  • When people question my commitment to the Vanir because I feel drawn to other deities or find non-Heathen practices useful, DEITY-SWAPPING IS COMPLETELY HISTORICAL, FOOLS!
  • When a level has a simple solution, but I run around for twenty minutes trying to find it/die a bunch of times because no one’s told me the building I want to destroy is the big one RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! (Prototype, seriously, that second-to-last level is REALLY annoying).
  • When I’m in the market for some manhwa and the 13 volume series I find seems promising….and then I see #11 is OVER A HUNDRED DOLLARS USED, which makes absolutely NO SENSE!
  • ….On the wish list it goes.
  • When you find out Hollywood’s doing another reboot, and you think of all the cool properties that haven’t been made into movies yet…
  • Seriously, Hollywood? Stay the fuck away from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
  • When your dog indicates that she wants to go out….because she wants to eat snow, and then she’s back at the door ten minutes later for a potty break
  • When it seems like everyone in your faith community is a fan of metal
  • …and all they do is talk about metal
  • …and post videos of same
  • ….and you really aren’t a metal fan
  • When someone tells you you have bad taste in anime
  • Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok is CUTE, okay?
  • Fuck you, it is.
  • When Heathens say “don’t read books by Heathen authors, because you’re just getting that author’s opinion, read the lore”….lore that was written by Christians…lore that was written by Christians with opinions
  • Related: When Heathens criticize others for “not honouring all the gods”
  • ….”Who the fuck are the Alcis?”
  • ….”Sandraudiga who?”
  • I rest my case.
  • When you plan out a plot with someone and you have to wait until tomorrow to continue because SLEEP and even though you need to go you REALLY want to play out the plot with your characters
  • …it’s not as annoying as one-liners, though

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