Necklace + Mani Prayer Card

Here is a photo of the “carnival” necklace and prayer card I received from the amazing Galina Krasskova. I would have shown you when it first arrived, but I wanted to wait to leave it out during a full moon first, so I kept it hidden away until the right time.

Sorry for the poor picture quality.

I tried putting it on for the first time yesterday, and it felt heavy, (not surprising, since it was worn by Mani via possession during a ritual) but now that I have it wrapped around my arm, it feels different, much lighter. I have no explanation for it that doesn’t delve into woo territory, but if its happier on my arm, it can stay there.

You can find a selection of prayer cards and other things for sale here:

2 thoughts on “Necklace + Mani Prayer Card

  1. Looking at this just inspired me to e-mail her to get Loki and Sigyn prayer cards along with a special request for Loki carnival beads for May Day 🙂

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