Review: Demon Diary Vol. #3

“I, Leeche, have come to destroy the Demon Lord!”

Ha! I bet you thought I forgot about this series, eh? You were thinking I’d get back to discussing serious topics and stuff…

….and I will, as soon as I finish reviewing this floof, all seven volumes of it!

When we last left Raenef and co. Raenef has once again done the very un-demonlike thing by sparing an enemy, the future head of the Order of Rased, Chris, whose defining character trait is that he has an ego the size of Russia and a strong urge to KILL ALL DEMONS!

The first part of the story concludes the flashback sequence that left us (not quite) hanging at the end of #2 (spoiler alert: Eclipse saves Raenef). Once that’s done, however, the story picks up again in the present, when a nearby village, deprived of rain, decides that the only practical thing to do is offer the demon lord a bride. (Apparently, demon lords can control the weather.)

As you might imagine, things don’t go as planned and the intended virgin sacrifice bride for Raenef is drugged and replaced by Leeche, a young girl who does it because she (like everyone else) wants a shot at killing Raenef. Hilarity ensues, of course, because Leeche is about as non0threatening as they come. In the end, Leeche is sent back with her (hot) dad, but not after kissing Raenef (to the chagrin of everyone) and promising to come and marry him when she’s older. Awww. ❤

The story then takes a decidedly darker turn when Eclipse visits Hejem (for mortal enemies, they’ve sure bonded over having to care for their idiot charges) and Chris’ past is finally revealed. I’ll give you a hint: it involves demons and a village full of squishy, unsuspecting people.

It’s at that point that the god Rased appears before Hejem and tells him that Chris has been chosen to lead his people. To protect him from the trauma he’s endured, the god seals his memories until he’s ready to deal with the trauma (his hatred for demons, however, remains intact).  The volume ends with the arrival of a new challenge to Raenef’s authority (and the main plot of #4).

Also, Rased looks like this:

How can you tell he’s a god? He’s wearing a cool hat.

At this point, I think we have a winner in the “prettiest pretty boy” competition, because…well, look at him! I was going to bring up Krayon in #4, but I think we have a winner here.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the omake chapter, because it’s awesome (and I totally forgot this line was in here). Apparently, Erutis is actually a queen….

Yes, Mistress!

Note that the other characters remark that she’s flat-chested and has no bosom. She retaliates by calling them out on their sexism and breaks the fourth wall by complaining that the readers think she’s a guy (kicking the chibi-fied illustrator in the process: “Next time, give a girl a figure!”).


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