Review: Demon Diary Vol. #4

The butthurt, it’s still going on! I’m sick of it, so I’m just going to take it easy and continue reviewing Demon Diary.

The last volume ended with the arrival of Krayon (I pronounce it “Kray-OWN” so that it sounds less like something you draw with) a Demon Lord who comes to test Raenef to see if he’s worthy of Eclipse (Eclipse is apparently in high demand as a vassal) transporting Raenef, Erutis, and Chris to a perilous dream world. Will Raenef manage to pass the test and keep the services of his tutor-vassal, or will he lose his life trying?

(I think the answer is obvious, but TEH DRAMA!)

The first three volumes gave us some background on the main cast, the fourth delves a bit deeper into Raenef and Eclipse’s relationship, more specifically, whether Raenef is worthy of Eclipse, and whether Eclipse thinks that Raenef is worth protecting. We also get to see a bit more of Erutis in this volume (she’s been in the series since the beginning, but she kind of shifted out of focus for a bit) including watching her kick some ass (albeit, while she’s in a panic and flailing about). Meanwhile, Eclipse goes to the one demon who could possibly help him locate Raenef–the Seer Meruhesae, who, amusingly, demands a kiss which Eclipse is quite reluctant to give (she ends up smooching him on the forehead, not wanting to risk the wrath of Eclipse’s fans).

He’s not actually dressed like that in the story, I just like this picture.

Overall though, #4 seems like a lot of buildup for whatever’s going to happen in #5, with the sudden appearance of Raenef IV (who, you recall, is supposed to be dead) in a deus ex machina moment that needs an explanation, right now. (Apparently that’s reserved for at least #5).

Raenef IV also has a cool hat. (I still prefer Rased’s, though).

And this is just pure WTFery right here:

Why is this book wearing glasses? And why is it telling me it can make me into a true demon lord?

The omake is a lecture about types of magic (there are a bunch) and how magic works in Demon Diary (with Prof. Eclipse) which I like because I’m a nerd like that.

So that’s #4, volumes #5 through #7 are entirely new territory for me, so I won’t half ass them like the last three, and then….I have serious posts to write.

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