Enter Dionysus, Carrying a Thyrsus

It all started with a dream that Freyja hijacked, which led to a kind friend doing a bit of Seeing for me, not that I don’t trust this friend, but I decided to take an offer for a second opinion from someone who, funnily enough, felt like she was being nudged to do this for me. Since she was asking Hekate, I figured that, in addition to asking about what Freyja wanted from me, I might as well ask Her about Dionysus and Aphrodite, because I’ve always felt drawn to them, and I was kind of curious about a dream I had a few months ago (yeah, I know, I should ask for these things closer to the date of my dreams) where Semele’s son was chatting up Njord.

This is the message I received, in full:

Hekate and Dionysos look upon you with favour, Aphrodite does not. There’s a crook in the road – you cannot yet see it, but it is where your ancestors dwell. One of them interested Dionysos and Dionysos was refused. Yet He sees in you the triumph of many battles and seeks to help you to overcome them. If you accept Him in your heart, He will give you the mystery that melts away every sorrow.

Yet your paths lies still with Freya the warlike seducer, who seeks to entice you in Her divine bed. It’s Hers the sword that hides in a smile and if you take Her hand, absolving yourself of mortal guilt, many gifts She will pass in your arms. Smile, child, there’s a sorrow that debilitates and one that uplifts. You are to embrace the second one soon.

I asked for some clarification because if anyone can understand cryptic oracles from Greek deities, it’s the person who did the work for me in the first place. In her expert opinion, she believes the “mystery that melts away every sorrow” refers to the epithets “Mieilikios” (“Easy-to-be-Appeased”, “Gracious”, “Merciful”)  and “Lusios” (“Loosener”, “Liberator”). The rest of the message is pretty straightforward, particularly the absolving oneself of mortal guilt line, no comment on the bedding part. As for my ancestors, I don’t know a whole lot about either my biological or adoptive ancestors, other than that my a-family is full of farmers, and for all I know my bio-family is too.

So, the question is, what do I do with this information? At the moment, seek a second opinion, don’t jump to conclusions. There’s so much in this message that rings true, but right now I feel like a debutante who has lost my chaperone and there’s a handsome stranger asking me for a dance, and I don’t know what to do except tell my friends and hope for some good advice.



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