Adventures in the Age of Decadence

It’s time for another “Adventures in…” post, where I play a bit of a game and post screenshots of my playthrough. It’s like a “Let’s Play!” only I tend to forget to take lots of screenshots.

Today, I am trying the Age of Decadence public beta. I don’t know anything about this game except that it’s an old school CRPG, the kind that were reeeeeeeally popular in the 90s.

So, let’s boot it up.

The title screen looks like this:

AoD Title

The title music is cool, really melancholy.

I click “New Game” and I get this screen:

difficulty selection

Sorry, that’s a bit small. Basically, it’s informing me that the game will be hard, and is giving me the option of choosing how I want to create my character. Choosing “Normal” will take me through character creation as usual, while “Awesome” will give me a preset character that’s already well-equipped for combat situations.

Fuck you, Awesome mode, I’m going with Normal and taking it LIKE A BOSS!

(I have a feeling I’m going to regret it.)

Selecting “Normal” takes me to the character creation screen:

character creation

It looks like there are six main stats: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Perception, Intelligence, and Charisma, which all pretty much do what you expect them to do. Although, Perception is used to gauge the effectiveness of ranged weapons and Intelligence isn’t related to magic (it’s checked in dialogue and is only raised by completing quests), Charisma affects your reputation with the various factions and is also checked in dialogue. Carrying capacity is governed by Strength.

You have a bunch of classes (called backgrounds) to choose from: Assassin, Thief, Praetor, Loremaster, Grifter, Drifter, Mercenary, or Merchant. Assassins and Thieves appear to be Dexterity-based class, Grifters and Merchants focus on Intelligence and Charisma. The Loremaster seems to favour Perception and Intelligence, the Drifter has no particular specialty (all base stats start at 4, all skills at 2o), the Mercenary is strong in Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution, and the the Praetor has average stats with a value of 7 on all stats except Constitution and Perception (the highest base stat I see is 9).

BTW, the “Age of Decadence” is, I’m assuming, referring to the Roman Empire, an interesting setting for an RPG.

I’m biased towards intelligent, charismatic characters, so I’m going to choose to play as a Praetor. (I’m going to regret this.) For my skills, I’ve put points into Etiquette, Persuasion, Lore, Sword, and one point in Disguise, because why the fuck not?

Looking at the factions tab, I can see that my points allocation has already affected my standing with the various factions. They are as follows:

House Aurelian: -2

House Crassus: 0

House Daratan: 5

Boatmen of Styx: 2

Commercium: 2

Imperial Guard: 0

The Forty Thieves: 2

Lastly, I’ve changed her name from Juno to Flavia, because I can.

Here is my completed character sheet:

character sheet finished

Behold my sucktastic stats!

Anyways, let’s get to the actual game, shall we?





Well, that was a whole lot of nothing….

Seriously, I just spend the last half hour wandering around trying to find a quest to do. Lord Such-and-such tells me to find Dellar, but Dellar doesn’t give me anything to do! I did help some refugees and a girl who was being accosted by the guards (apparently my telling him to “fuck off” was enough to get him to stop bothering her.

Apparently if I have a high enough Dexterity, I can climb up on roofs and such, I WANT IN ON THESE ROOFTOP SHENANIGANS!

I move so fucking slowly, where the fuck is the run button?

Seriously, WTF is with the starting area? It doesn’t explain ANYTHING to me. I know people complain about hand-holding but a simple “here is someone who will give you a quest” would help. For fuck’s sake, the beginning area is one of the most important parts of any game. I know it’s in beta but for the love of gods, Icewind Dale didn’t treat me like this!

And I didn’t even get the chance to be slaughtered in combat….

I’m going to go play more Inquisitor now, the game’s combat sucks but at least it knows how to hook people in.

Oh, wait, I just found out that if you choose an Assassin character, you get thrown into a fight right away. I’ll be right back….

Okay so, combat is turn-based. I started off the battle with no ammo in my crossbow because I chose not to go shopping before going after my mark (bad idea) and then I realized (too late) that I could switch out my weapons for sharp pointy ones on the fly.

And then I was killed, by a fucking guard.

And the game makes fun of me for it.

Fuck you, game, I don’t need you. I’m going to go play a game that isn’t sadistic.

5 thoughts on “Adventures in the Age of Decadence

  1. press “M” to open the map screen.
    You can fast travel between landmarks around town with that.

    Each background has different main quest (drifter, mercenary and grifter can join Thief Guild or Imperial Guard)

    Try not to train too much skill when create character, just focus on 2-3 skill instead

    Rule of Thumb for this game

    – Combat Skill (weapon, block, dodge, critical) should be at least 40 if you want to fight something.
    you don’t need all of it, just 1 weapon and block or dodge for starter
    at least 60 is recommend for fighting late game (in demo)
    Merchant and Loremaster can ignore all combat skill anyway (you can talk your way out of all combat)

    – Magic number for skill check are X1 and X6
    All skills check in this game has minimum check at that number
    example – to assassinate guard you need at least 31 critical, to sneak past guard you need at least 36 sneak.(not the right number, just for example)
    Hardest checks in demo are just 51 or 56 if I remember correctly, but most of them are just 36-46

    – For pure fighting build , crafting skill is highly recommend. you can forge weapon and armor with special features.(like ,+ pure damage for weapon, + damage resistant for armor)
    To start forging, you has to buy weapon/armor blueprint first (merchant at the south of market)
    You need materiel for forging (just scrap from any weapon/armor, drop it in left slot on forging screen)
    at 40 you can add 1 special feature to iron weapon and armor, which make it better than anything selling on shop.
    at 60(recommend for late game) you can add 2 special feature to Iron weapon and armor.

    – NPC at the Inn will teach you alchemy formula and also give you ingredients for free (you can make potion to heal HP when you’re not in combat)
    base alchemy skill is fine(don’t need to train) you can make potion and basic poison to help in combat with that.

    Hope this trip will be helpful.

  2. You’re so clueless I wonder how you even get out of bed in the morning to walk the few inches to your computer.

  3. You’re a retard. No wonder you’re lesbian and a feminist.

    Translation: I’m a homophobic ableist neckbeard who doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the phrase “constructive criticism”.

  4. Yeah man, what’s with these new games today, without big question marks on top of NPC’s heads? I mean, what’s up with that, right?

    • People with exclamation marks give you quests, question marks usually mean they want to explain something to you or they just want to say “have you collected my twenty bear asses yet?”

      AND I KNOW RIGHT?! They’re calling action games “third person shooters” now. WTF is up with that?

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