My Mani Necklace Broke….

Pagan!Gef: Ohshit! THAT MUST MEAN THE GOD IS ANGRY WITH ME! WHAT DID I DO?! *goes through everything she’s done since last week* THIS HAS TO BE A SIGN!

Rational!Gef: I’m sure the beads were just too heavy for the string and it broke. *picks up pieces of necklace* You can restring it.

Pagan!Gef: But what if He really is angry at me?

Rational!Gef: The. string. was. too. weak. The. beads. were. too. heavy. Restring. it.

Pagan!Gef: *pauses* Really?

Rational!Gef: Really, and I’m sure you can do some ^waves hand* Woo thing to determine if the moon god is mega pissed at you for something. If you ask my opinion though, you just need to restring it. Stuff breaks. “‘The simplest explanation is usually the right one, etc. etc.”

Writer!Gef: Um, hello? Can I get some love?

Everyone: Fuck no, mom’s going to be riding our ass all day!

Writer!Gef: ……..

5 thoughts on “My Mani Necklace Broke….

  1. sometimes even with wire, the pressure of the beads can cause it to wear and snap. Send it back to me and I’ll restring it. In some traditions, when a sacred necklace breaks, it is believed that the necklace absorbed some energy that would be harmful to you, so actually it snapping is not a sign of displeasure at all even in the worst case circumstances.

    • Unfortunately, my mom was just like “IF THEY WANT YOU TO SEND IT BACK YOU AREN’T DOING IT!” because….I have no idea why. It’s okay though, I can restring it, I’ll just rearrange the beads a bit to take the stress off the smaller ones. It’s a “carnival” necklace, after all, it makes sense that it would shift its design around.

      I have been having bad dreams the last couple of days.

      • It may be that it absorbed negative energy or something bad that would have hit you. That’s how I tend to look at it. Usually I prescribe seven to nine days of cleansing baths (apple cider vinegar and salt in the bath is a good starter, though often i prefer more elaborate white baths…email me off list though for that. I can give you a recipe for a Mani bath) when something like that happens. I would also suggest cleansing the beads before you restring.

  2. metal beads–with sharper edges– tend to be the culprit in terms of wearing away the silk thread more than the heavy beads. It’s one of the reasons also why i tend to make them as a continual necklace rather than relying on crimp beads. I’d rather knot and glue to be sure the crimps don’t pull out. that’s where I find the heavy beads are an issue.

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