Just a Couple of Notes

I was going to write something a bit more serious today, but I’m still full from last night’s Easter dinner with my two families and whee from chocolate, so you might get a Demon Diary review out of me, but not much else.

Until I get my shit together, here are some things:
I just ordered a shiny from the super awesome store Ivaldi’s Dream Trove. I will post plenty of pictures when it arrives, don’t worry.
Until then, some notes:

  • I have managed to force myself to write again, and when I’m finished, I’ll have TWO chapters of The Splicer up for you sometime, and then I WILL finish Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and then I WILL work on whichever one grabs my attention next.
  • I’ve learned how to edit comments. From now on, stupid comments will be edited and snarked at, mercilessly. Note: There is a big difference between “I disagree with you, and here’s why” and “LOL ur such a [ableist slur]! HURR DURR!” dickwaving. The former deserves polite discussion, the latter deserves snark.
  • I should not have stopped writing The Splicer right after introducing Wesley and before introducing Dominic, because now I have an angry hacker in my head who is pissed at me for not letting him be with his boyfriend (his girlfriend will come in later).



One thought on “Just a Couple of Notes

  1. I have been thinking of the snow as Frau Holda kicking her cleaning into overtime. To me it means Spring is just around the corner. 🙂

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