Random Book Questionnaire

I’m bored, so let’s answer a random questionnaire about books.

I’ll post the questions first, and then my answers.
  • 1) If you could travel to one place you’ve read about in a book, what place would you visit and what book was it from?
  • 2) If you could be best friends with an author, who would you choose and why?
  • 3) Is there a quote from a book that has inspired you/changed the way you view things? If so, what is the quote?
  • 4) If you could marry a fictional character, which would it be?
  • 5) If you could take out a character from a book, who would you want to get rid of? Keep in mind getting rid of a character could change the story completely.
  • 6) Have you ever read a book where you needed more answers and wanted to kill the author for leaving it so open ended? Or do you like that kind of book? What book was it?
  • 7) If you could make sweet sweet love to a fictional character, with who would it be? Okay, that sounds really messed up, but whatever.
  • 8) What’s the coolest name you have ever seen in a book? Would you name your offspring after said fictional character?
  • 9) Who would you cast as the main characters of a movie adaptation of your favourite book?
  • 10) What’s your favourite classic novel?
  • 11) Can you anagram your favourite author’s name/the title of your favourite book?
  • 12) What was your favorite picture book as a kid?
  • 13) Do you buy your own books, borrow books from your friends or get them from the library?
  • 14) Have you ever stolen insults from books and used them in real life situations? If so, how did that work out for you?
  • 15) What’s your favourite insult from a book?
  • 16) Have you ever tried writing a letter/ emailing an author? Did they reply?
  • 17) Do you have a stack of books you need to read? How many are there?
  • 18) How many books (approximately) do you own?
  • 19) Are there any songs that make you think of certain books or scenes from books? If so, which songs/books?
  • 20) Can you name 5 characters whose names start with the letter H off the top of your head? If so, prove it.
  • 21) Do you like the idea of e-readers/kobos/whatever they’re called or would you rather have the physical book in your hand?
  • 22) Do you like new book smell? Old book smell? All book smell?
  • 23) Do you sticky note passages/quotes?
  • 24) Have you ever accidentally destroyed a book (Example: Ran over it with your car) How about purposefully?
  • 25) Which would you rather live without? Books or chocolate. Just kidding, that’s an impossible question.
  • 26) Do you use actual bookmarks to mark your place? Receipts? Sticky notes? Or do you, heaven forbid, dog ear the pages?
  • 27) What was the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone who lost/destroyed/got spaghetti on the pages of one of your books?
  • 28) Have you ever used a book as a coster? How do you even spell that? You guys probably know what I’m talking about anyway.
  • 29) What’s your favourite book turned movie?
  • 30) Have you ever finished a book that rendered you so emotionally unstable you couldn’t start another one for a few days?

1) Terre d’Ange, from Kushiel’s Legacy, with enough cash to visit either Valerian or Jasmine House, or Gentian, Gentian’s my favourite and Mandrake, don’t forget Mandrake.

2) I have a couple authors in mind, but I always like what Jacqueline Carey posts on Facebook, so yeah.

3)Paraphrasing here: “You are the tool, not the work, expect to be treated accordingly,” from Curse of Chalion (or is it Paladin of Souls?) by Lois McMaster Bujold. Also “Love as thou wilt,” from Crowley Kushiel’s Legacy.

4) Captain Hephyra from Jim C. Hines’ Princess series.

5) Sidonie de la Courcel from Kushiel’s Legacy, because she’s just that annoying. Pair Imriel with anyone else, seriously. (My personal favourites are Imriel/Alais and Imriel/Mavros.)

6) I can’t think of any at the moment.

7) There are so many characters I’d fuck I can’t pick just one. I would totally be bi for Balthasar Shahrizai though. I’d take one for the team for his sexy kinky awesomeness.

8) I can think of several interesting names, but nothing that particularly grabs me as “OMFGS SO COOL!” and I probably wouldn’t name my offspring with a character in mind.

9) I have no clue. I can’t tell one celebrity from another, TBH.

10) EW, CLASSICS! Actually, I loved Fifth Business by Robertson Davies. Does that count?

11) I’m terrible at anagrams.

12) It’s called Mother, Mother, I Want Another about a mouse who wants another kiss from their mother, but the mother thinks that the mouse wants other mothers, and it’s awkward.

13) All three, but I mostly buy them.

14) Not necessarily insults, but I’ve used “Elua’s balls!” and “Gods above and gods below!” (That one is from Alan Campbell’s Scar Night, IIRC). Most of the time people just don’t seem to hear me lol.

15) I can’t think of any particular favourites.

16) I’ve left messages for authors on Facebook, does that count? But no, I haven’t actually written letters.

17) Currently, I have eight books in my stack.

18) I have no clue, TBH.

19) I could probably write entire playlists for individual books if I thought about it, but if a song reminds me of a scene, it’s usually a spur of the moment thing, and then I forget about it.

20) Oh fuck. Does Huckleberry Finn count? Sure it does, let’s go with that. Hyacinthe, Hephyra (Captain Hephyra, actually, but even the author calls her that, so it counts). Hekatah (from the Black Jewels Trilogy) and Haymitch from The Hunger Games. Yeah, names, I forget them all the time.

21) I love my ereader very much, but I prefer actual books, so I can flip through them easily.

22) It depends on the smell. Cigarette smell is nasty in any book.

23) No

24) No and no

25) Chocolate, no contest

26) None of the above, I just remember where I left off.

27) I yelled at my friend, and then I cried. She cleaned off the book so it looked brand shiny new again.

28) *coaster, and not really, although I have put plates of food on top of books, never a drink

29) I think I’m the only person who liked both Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows films.

30) The ending of the book Fire Me Up by Katie MacAlister was so godsdamn stupid (I mean, the books were pretty stupid to begin with, but the ending was on a whole other level of stupid) that I literally threw the book across the room and swore that I would NEVER read paranormal romance again.

And then I did.

And then I concluded that I must be a masochist.

Also, the ending to the Dante Valentine series, which I’ve elaborated on elsewhere, which was quite infuriating.

Okay, I’m done now, I’m going to eat something.


5 thoughts on “Random Book Questionnaire

  1. Your response to the classics question was more or less what I would have said. I adore Fifth Business. Being a small town raised gal from Scots descent, I really get Dunstan Ramsay. And Liesl and Blazon are two of my favourite characters in anything ever. So loveable in their oddities!
    Love your blog! 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      It’s odd, I pretty much hated everything I was forced to read in high school. “To Kill a Mockingbird” Bleh, YES SCOUT BOO RADLEY IS SCARY! ALSO, RACISM! 1984? We get it, Orwell, you’re obsessed with sex, and paranoid. The Picture of Dorian Gray wasn’t so bad, but I chose to read that book. Lord of the Flies? Don’t get me started on Lord of the Flies. English class, everyone, the reason nobody reads anything past high school.

      1. Agreed.
        My grade 11 English teacher made me read Anthem by Ayn Rand. I threw it across the room when I was done it.
        Incidentally, I am also a fan of the most excellent Jacqueline Carey. My preferred pairing for Imriel is actually with Lucius, because the possibilities are… *cough* delightful in a dark and sexy kind of way.
        And I so wanted Moirin to end up with Jehanne somehow.

        1. Sadly, Jacqueline Carey seems to have this thing….with f/f relationships. They’re a major part of the books but PROTAGONISTS MUST ALWAYS BE IN NICE HETEROSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS! (Apparently I need to read Santa Olivia.) Funnily enough, last I heard she was in a relationship with a woman, but that could be out of date.
          I liked Moirin/Bao simply because Bao reminded me of a character I made for a Kushiel RPG, but in addition to Jehane I supported her with Thierry (even though that’s….kind of creepy) and Balthasar, because damned Shahrizai.

          1. Yes you do need to read Santa Olivia (good, but very different from her Terre D’Ange stuff), and I did like Bao anyway as well… but argh. Jehanne. Amazing. Woman had spunk.
            Granted, Balthasar would have been entertaining… *daydreams*

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